Mohammed Reza Pahlevi

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Shah of Iran who was deposed in 1979 by Islamic fundamentalists (1919-1980)

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THROWN OUT: Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and his wife, Empress Farah OIL WATCH: An iguana on St Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, studies the oil tanker Jessica in 2001
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and his wife Empress Farah left Tehran and flew to Egypt.
A traves de Ryszard Kapuscinski se conocieron de primera mano las ambiguedades y desmesuras del Sha Mohammed Reza Pahlevi.
In 1953, the CIA had overthrown the democratically elected nationalist, secular prime minister, Mohammed Mossadeq (whose government had nationalized the British oil company) and installed the Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, ushering in 25 years of a brutal and repressive reign of terror.
El plan consistia en derrocar al actual gobierno irani y llevar al poder al "cha" Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, quien seria un sirviente incondicional de Gran Bretana y EU.