Mogen David

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a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles

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Karen French, owner of Karen's Spirits & Wine in Fort Dodge, said buying wine in Fort Dodge used to mean picking up a cheap bottle of Thunderbird or Mogen David.
MD 20/20 is made by Mogen David Wine Corporation, a subsidiary of Wine Group Limited, which refuses to talk about its product.
The Wine Group, LLC is a San Francisco based privately-held company that produces such well-known brands as Franzia, Concannon, Big House, Glen Ellen, Corbett Canyon, Foxhorn, Fish Eye and Mogen David.
Other Comeback Brands include ForestVille, from Classic Wines of California, which increased a whopping 30% last year to 650,000 cases; Mogen David (The Wine Group), up 2.
WINES (thousands of 9-liter cases) Brand Supplier 1998 1999 Franzia Winetaps The Wine Group 18,900 20,077 Sutter Home Trinchero Family Estates 6,900 7,020 Kendall-Jackson Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates 3,054 2,675 Glen Ellen The Wine Group 3,200 3,000 Riunite Banfi Vintners 2,000 1,950 Lindemans Southcorp Wines USA 1,145 1,421 Manischewitz Canandaigua Wine 980 930 Taylor Dessert Canandaigua Wine 650 650 ForestVille Classic Wines of California 400 390 Mogen David The Wine Group 650 675 Freixenet Freixenet USA 195 835 J.