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Synonyms for gasoline



Synonyms for gasoline

a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum

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5% of Gateway Pipeline Company LLC and since 2008, the company was rebranded to MoGas.
The company is hoping to make deals with interested owners and we can only hope that in the meantime, mogas finds wider distribution.
MOGAS standard metal-seated isolation and rotary control ball valves range in size from u-36"and are available in150 to 4500 ASMEpressure classes.
APL's volume showed decline in Mogas and FO by 11%MoM and 13%MoM respectively.
PSO's market share of HSD decreased by 5%YoY to 49% and Mogas sales dropped by 2%YoY to 47% due aforementioned reason in 8MFY15.
He also indicated that the retail prices for Mogas and Gasoil have seen no change from 30 March 2011 until 01 March this year, that is, over a period of nearly two years.
For the Cuyuna, mix one pint of oil per five gallons of MOGAS.
With low maintenance, high durability, lower sound emissions, MoGas capabilities and the best power-to-weight ratio in their class, the new Bombardier aircraft engines represent what pilots and aircraft manufacturers have been demanding for more than 30 years.
The slowdown in mogas sales growth was due to resumption of CNG supply in Punjab and KPK after long winter shut down.
In an attempt to reduce the country s acute LPG shortage, PetroSA will convert a percentage of its Mogas molecules to LPG.
PREFER 100-OCTANE DROP-IN 50% PREFER 100-OCTANE DROP-IN, PLUS MOGAS 33% 940L 7% 94UL AND 100UL 7% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Allied Capital Corporation (NYSE:ALD) today announced a $20 million investment in Mogas Energy, LLC.