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detachable compartment of a spacecraft

computer circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware)

a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components

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The Acquisition Reporting Concepts and Policies for APB, DAES, and SAR module provides information on the terminology, concepts, and policies pertaining to required acquisition reports, such as the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB), Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES), and Selected Acquisition Report (SAR).
There are two standard formats of ExpressCard modules: the ExpressCard/34 module (34mm X 75mm) and the Express-Card/54 module (54mm X 75mm).
Module 1--Effects Drugs Have on the Body, by Michael A.
Given the strength of worldwide demand for solar modules, ErSol welcomes the opportunity to support SV Solar and their unique Sol-X technology," added Dr.
Other anticipated benefits include highest level of quality: The competencies of each design team and manufacturing partner are carefully matched with the single module on which they focus; Improved upgrade capability: Modules can be upgraded independently as needed.
Module 5--Practical Steps for ADA Implementation (60-90 minutes).
The success of these modules is a good example of how TriQuint is using its unique in-house process technologies, design skills and cooperative relationships to enable handset manufacturers to reduce circuit board area, while also reducing handset development time and increasing performance," said TriQuint Vice President for Handsets, Tim Dunn.
The TQM6M9009 shares a TriQuint design heritage that has given the market a successful series of highly integrated transmit modules, including the industry's first 6x6mm quad-band GSM/GPRS modules, as well as the revolutionary TQM7M5003 Polar-EDGE PA module -- combined shipments of these products exceed 55 million units.
1mm3 series of discrete PA modules that provide customers with a choice between EDGE-Linear and EDGE-Polar architectures.
We've had extensive meetings with a wide variety of solar industry leaders in Germany, and GSS came highly recommended as an ideal partner to produce our Sol-X modules," added Patrick Callinan, CEO of SV Solar.
We like the fact that they perform as well as or even better than traditional flat plate modules, while seamlessly integrating into our existing racking systems.
The modules come with Modular Approval (MA) to ease the RF compliance burden that many OEMs would otherwise face.
The new product family -- tentatively named the "AST 5000 Series" -- is expected to consist of "plug-and-play" PV modules for use in the commercial and residential rooftop markets.
amp; MARKHAM, Ontario -- New Falcon Series Modules Free Customers From RF Design and Compliance Testing, Reducing Costs and Speeding Time-to-Market
The new OM1600M-100 ADC modules boast the industry's best Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) of up to 95 dB and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 78 dB, while operating at a maximum of 100 Mega Samples per Second (MSPS) with input frequencies from baseband to 250 MHz.