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a low area that has been filled in

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Just over a week ago OEHSCO awarded a related contract for modern landfill in Al Batinah Governate , another initial step in a total programme of works that is expected to be cost $161m.
Modern landfills are technically sophisticated and subject to strict federal and state regulations for location, design, operating conditions, monitoring, closure, post-closure care, clean-up (if necessary) and financial assurance.
Phase 1 included installation of improved air pollution controls, construction of a modern landfill, modernized laboratory and administration facilities and enhanced site security.
A spokesman for the EPA said: "It was not as well managed as you would expect of a modern landfill and obviously there is concern.
More importantly, the editorial side steps the two public policy approaches that underpin the Rail Cycle project: maximum recycling and a safe, modern landfill site far from population centers, water resources and seismic zones.
Shaikh agreed that landfill site at Dhabeji spread over an area of 3000 acres, fast emerging as one of the countrys most modern landfill cum treatment site, can be used as a spot for production of electricity.
Gains in the landfill market will benefit from a growing number of countries adopting modern landfill design and operations that typically incorporate geosynthetic liners and caps.
IFC was the lead advisor to the Joint Services Council for Hebron and Bethlehem (JSC-H&B) on a landmark agreement, signed yesterday, that will see a private sector consortium operate a modern landfill near Hebron.
It found that: "Good tree performance on modern landfill sites can be achieved in Britain, given the hostile conditions associated with the landfill environment and despite instances of drought which have resulted in slower growth rates at some sites.
Summary: Local residents of Sidon welcomed Tuesday the completion of a yearlong project to transform the city's notorious "trash mountain" into a modern landfill and, eventually, a public park.
March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Tim O'Donnell, general manager of Modern Landfill in York, has been selected as the new president of the Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA).
The inspections took place Tuesday at Modern Landfill in Windsor and Lower Windsor townships, York County; and Wednesday at Cumberland County Landfill in Hopewell and North Newton townships, Cumberland County.
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