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a low area that has been filled in

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Modern landfills are intentionally built as a series of cells to protect human health and the environment by controlling water and air emissions.
The resolution also requests that NMED instead require full characterization and excavation of the wastes, the "possible safe recycling of some materials," offsite disposal of any high-level or transuranic radioactive wastes, and the reburial of remaining low-level radioactive wastes "in a modern landfill with liners.
Ahmad al Farsi, Director of Projects at OEHSCO, noted that in line with Be'ah's policy is to provide eco-friendly modern landfill sites the new transfer station will receive around 50 tonnes of waste per day, which will then be transferred immediately to the governate's designated sanitary landfill.
As waste decomposes in a modern landfill, taking up to 150 years to do so, it generates emissions with little or no controls.
Modern landfill locations are chosen strategically in order to protect human health, the environment and the structural integrity of the landfill.
Phase 1 included installation of improved air pollution controls, construction of a modern landfill, modernized laboratory and administration facilities and enhanced site security.
Onyx will be responsible for the collection of household, commercial and non-toxic industrial and medical waste, the cleaning of urban areas and beaches, the operation of three existing sorting and composting plants, the long-term closure of three existing dumps, the construction and operation of a new modern landfill and the construction and exploitation of an incinerator for medical waste.
A spokesman for the EPA said: "It was not as well managed as you would expect of a modern landfill and obviously there is concern.
More importantly, the editorial side steps the two public policy approaches that underpin the Rail Cycle project: maximum recycling and a safe, modern landfill site far from population centers, water resources and seismic zones.
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