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It wasn't an ordinary poetry reading--it took place in a packed club--but as Stav noted, the audience reflected the rich diversity of the creators and consumers of modern Hebrew literary culture.
She suggests that the incorporation of modern Hebrew words into the American-Jewish dialect--think saba and safta instead of zayde and bub-be--reflects an "increasing connection to Israeli society: American Jews spending more time in Israel, reading Israeli periodicals more and maintaining connections with Israelis.
He wanted someone in modern Hebrew literature, and at the time I may have been the only visible person capable of putting together two literate English sentences on the subject (the situation now is much improved).
Rather, it hovers between partially overlapping cultural phenomena: multilingual diasporic modern Jewish literature written in Jewish and non-Jewish languages; modern Hebrew literature, written in Europe, America and the Middle East; American literature, which only recently came to include works written in languages other than American-English.
The first section, organized with the artist before his death, foregrounds his collaboration with one of the leading figures in modern Hebrew literature.
In 1965, when he was just 27 years old, he began to translate the Talmud from the original Aramaic and ancient Hebrew into Modern Hebrew to produce the first complete modern commentary.
This gap in the biblical narrative was filled by a Modern Hebrew poet, Saul Tchernichovsky, in his 1893 poem "In Ein Dor" in which Saul voices his puzzlement at God's erratic treatment of him: "Why have you anointed me over your people as king?
In Modern Hebrew "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" means "udders.
Rabbi Allan Tufts of Temple Beth-El in Hollywood, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "Nobody's got a problem with teaching modern Hebrew.
Thus, in a way, a new system of education and novel institutions of learning emerged: a Hebrew education and research, which encompassed customary subjects of Western Civilization in sciences and humanities, as well as traditional Jewish disciplines--all of these taught in modern Hebrew.
KING DAVID HIGH, Childwall Three pupils scored in the top five in the country for biology, music and modern Hebrew at the school.
And Rachel Stole the Idols: The Emergence of Modern Hebrew Women's Writing.
For the modern Hebrew writer, concerned with the ethically fraught nexus of national space and peoplehood, the Hebrew Bible, particularly Exodus with its epic narrative of exile and homecoming, may cast its shadow over the present conflict.
I was out with my then girlfriend and some friends and was in a bar in Liverpool city centre when it happened,'' recalls David,45,now a principal examiner for Modern Hebrew.
A large portion of the literature on Masoretic studies is in modern Hebrew, and there was no introductory textbook in English.