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Most people teaching Modern Hebrew as an additional (second, foreign, heritage) language focus on teaching the language rather than on researching issues related to second-language instruction, says Gilead, so there is little theoretical foundation for the practice and few research projects in the field.
Modern Hebrew is already a compressed language, combining into single words what might take three or four words to say in English.
Long the main language for Ashkenazic Jews, even in the first generations of emigration, the status and continued importance of Yiddish was called into question during the interwar period by linguistic acculturation and the growing strength of modern Hebrew as a language and ideology.
When modern Hebrew literature arose in the nineteenth century, Hebrew was not a vernacular language, and lacked both the modern vocabulary and the particular syntax necessary to represent dialogue.
12) Indeed, recent scholarship on modern Hebrew literature has taken pains to challenge a teleological narrative of Hebrew literary production and circulation that casts Palestine as the inevitable destination for Hebrew literature by focusing on its continued activity in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States through the early to mid-twentieth century.
In contrast to languages like English, Spanish, or Turkish, but in common with many others, Modern Hebrew does not mark aspectual distinctions grammatically in order to encode different perspectives on a given real-world state of affairs.
It started off in modern Hebrew press and literature to refer to the ultra-Orthodox or black hatters," says Heilman.
Originally published in modern Hebrew, with a running commentary to facilitate learning, his Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud has also been translated into English, French, Russian and Spanish.
Linguists explore the factors determining the referential interpretation of noun phrases across a wide array of typologically unrelated languages including Armenian, French Sign Language, Japanese, Modern Hebrew, and Tatar.
Modern Hebrew had been one of my minor literatures at Harvard, though everything I knew about it was self-taught because there was no one on the Harvard faculty with any competence in that area.
They inherited the legacy of European Haskalah, with its emphasis on Hebrew as a core of Jewish spiritual wellspring, and were part of the great ferment that Benjamin Harshav called "the modern Jewish revolution" at the turn of the 20th century, which saw the simultaneous emergence of Jewish nationalism and socialism, the rise of modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature which went hand in hand with a mass Jewish migration out of the Pale of Settlement.
Hebrew Classics will become essential reading for anyone wanting to connect with the rich literary presentation of Modern Hebrew literature and is sure to reverberate and find a significant readership.
In Modern Hebrew, "gebor" means "hero," and "chayil" means "soldier.
Rabbi Kotler also issued a psak (religious decree) forbidding the teaching of Bible in American yeshivas using ivrit b'ivrit (translating the Torah into Modern Hebrew as a method of classroom instruction) because of its Zionist associations.
Founded in 2000, eTeacher Group is a virtual language school based out of Israel, specializing in Chinese, English, Modern Hebrew, and Biblical languages using online classrooms with instructors teaching via live video conferencing.