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English since about 1450

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He is currently Research Professor of Modern English Language at the University of Nottingham where he has worked since 1979.
Forget the classics because for modern English language and rhyme, Eminem's foul-mouthed drama is the most colourful you can imagine.
The film, due to be produced by BBC Films, will portray steamy nude love scenes between the greatest modern English language author and his mistress, Nelly Ternan.
Her people, and related Algonquians northward and across Canada to the Rockies, contributed much to modern English language, cuisine, even politics and constitutions.
The founding fathers of our modern English language punctuation marks convened in a small alehouse in Stratford-on-Avon in 1566 and hammered out the symbols we still use to make sentences easier to understand.
Visitors can discover and understand the magnitude of the work completed by early Bible scholars such as William Tyndale who single-handedly was responsible for shaping the modern English language through his translation of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament during the 1500s.