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English since about 1450

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The founding fathers of our modern English language punctuation marks convened in a small alehouse in Stratford-on-Avon in 1566 and hammered out the symbols we still use to make sentences easier to understand.
The Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language at Lancaster University offers an MA program in Stylistics.
The two-volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary has introduced 3,500 new entries to reflect the modern English language.
MODERN English language has incorporated a number of aggressive terms, but is becoming more politically correct, according to an updated reference guide.
The Shape of English is 'aimed at an audience that has some training in modern English Language Studies or linguistics .
The first part of the book situates the Early Modern English language of freedom and rights and concludes with an examination of the legacy Milton's poetry left on more modern contestations of freedom.
Continuity of Academic Activities through out the year and conduct of summer semester continuously for 2nd Year Faculty of Water Sciences Master Degree Programme in Marine Science & English Registration with PVMC Establishment of Modern English Language Laboratories and multiple language labs.