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a continuous closed surface with only one side

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For that matter, its catalyst, the Mobius strip, is best known as a spatial (rather than temporal) didactic tool--an easy-tomake model whose construction reveals how a two-sided plane can be made into a single unified surface.
The phases are oriented along the Mobius strip to illustrate the nonlinearity and movement associated with the CTC model and to indicate the lack of a true stalling or finishing point.
Rather than a clear delineation between worship inside the church and mission outside the church, their relationship is more fluid in this image of the Mobius strip (p.
Introducing and making Mobius strip and Klein Bottle:
This process is much like encouraging someone to step onto a Mobius strip, which has no beginning or end.
In fact, these works subvert the expected circularity, and her suggestive mathematical parallel can also illuminate the overall structure of A Century of Roundels, the structure of the individual roundels themselves, and Swinburne's method of appropriating both medieval subject matter and lyric forms; each functions as a Mobius strip, ending by returning to its beginning with an inverted perspective.
You can also cut a bagel in such a way that the two halves don't really separate, but end up as a linked chain akin to a Mobius strip.
Video projections of the body's interior and exterior surfaces are sequenced with domestic architecture textures and Mobius strip schematics.
which coming to know her could take place along the mobius strip of
The Mobius Strip of Ifs" is a collection of essays from Mathias B.
Covering in turn church and state and robust religion within liberal democracy, she consider such topics as freedom of conscience and separating church from state, the Evangelical turn to conservatism, the Mobius strip, the New Evangelical landscape, and New Evangelicalism in practice.
One was the publication of Flaubert's Madame Bovary, and the other was the invention, or discovery, of the Mobius strip in 1858 by August Ferdinand Mobius.
Up close it's tempting to get absorbed in the work's complex systems, though more than once I found myself wondering where on the Mobius Strip of O'Connor's logic I actually was.
Highlights included scientific glass maker Alan Bennett''s Klein bottles; an exploration of the Mobius strip in three dimensions; Beryl Sokoloff''s film, My Mirrored Hope, which immortalised Clarence Schmidt''s House of Mirrors; notebooks from the National Science Museum, belonging to mathematician, inventor and mechanical engineer Charles Babbage; Attila Cs|rg|'s Magnet Spring which consisted of a series of aligned, but not touching, glass panes held in balance purely by magnectic force; and Michelangelo Pistolleto''s Cubic Metre of Infinity.
But the poem is also about grief--for the self, for the friend, the absence of the friend--and the troubling and mind-bending realization that one of the primary people who would be sought out for comfort after a tragedy is the tragedy, a Mobius strip of awareness that ends only to tormentingly begin again.