Mobius strip

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a continuous closed surface with only one side

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The material on non-Euclidean geometry and terms like Mobius band and Klein bottle were introduced in a short period of time (2 hours) and it was too much information for background this audience had.
MOBIUS BAND - HEAVEN AMERICA'S Mobius Band's defiantly uncommercial vibe manifests itself in the twinning of retro electronica and shoegazing guitars.
RLC have recently been touring Europe in support of Editors and Mobius Band.
The Mobius band and Mandelbrot set provide mathematical responses from string theory and geometry, respectively, to support the notion of open systems.
The featured projects include a Quilted Mobius Band (making a mobius quilt); Diphantine Equations (making a bi-directional hat); Sierpinski Variatins (making a Sierpinski shawl); a Two Knit Stiches Tours; Symmetry Patterns in Cross-Stitch; Algebraic Structure (making algebraic socks); Fortunatus's Purse; (K)Not Cables and Braids (making a pillow of Braid Equivalence); The Graph Theory of Blackwork Embroidery (embroidering a Holbeinian Graph); and making Hyperbolic Pants.
Mobius Band, with its electronic-infused rock, plays the middle set, with Baby Dayliner as the opener.