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German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868)

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About his nomination, Mund said, "Ever since coming on with Mobius Payments I have seen nothing but a company striving to be the best that it can be.
Citing the Davao City mayor's rhetoric and track record, Mobius said Duterte appeared to be a strong hand of the government.
It was the only system that did that and also was fully integrated, from PLM through shipping and service," said James Tournas, vice president of operations and supply chain at Mobius Imaging.
DISCUSSION: Mobius syndrome involves clinical spectrum ranging from unilateral facial nerve paralysis with bilateral abducent nerve paralysis to bilateral facial and abducent nerve paralysis.
Mobius informed that, He will continue to invest selectively in Russian assets with special attention given to the quality of corporate governance when selecting investment targets.
One extensive review characterized Mobius syndrome mainly by facial diplegia of the upper and lower facial muscles, bilateral eye abduction impairment, hypoglossia, craniofacial and limb malformations, and long tract symptoms.
Mobius has a reported investment worth of at least 623 million pounds in Turkish markets.
Mobius said that its ViewDirect TCI will provide prompt access to records for regulator compliance and a fast response to customer enquiries and result in fewer disruptions due to acquisitions and mergers.
We wanted a European-style lager," he said, so instead of using flavorings to cover the bitter taste of some of the additives, Mobius used a technology to remove the taste of the additives altogether.
Sendia possesses all of the qualities a wireless company should have--great technology, great management and a deep understanding of not only the challenges facing the wireless data industry, but how to solve them," said Robin Bordoli, principal at Mobius Venture Capital of Palo Alto, Calif.
Making a Mobius strip out of paper is one thing, but now a team of Japanese researchers has found a way to coerce a single crystal into the same shape.
Londonderry, a leader in providing onboard logistics management to the transportation industry, has introduced the Mobius TTS-32 portable onboard computer, a rechargeable portable computer with the same computing power as the onboard Mobius TTS.
Mobius supplies a turnkey system that includes powder grinding and mixing systems, plus technical assistance on adjusting formulations and processing.
Responding to the fluctuating patterns of modern domestic life, the Mobius House is a provocative formal and spatial experiment.
Mobius has also developed its own niche, designing and constructing displays and merchandising environments for the fiercely competitive sporting goods and sports apparel markets, domestic and international.