Mobile River

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a river in southwestern Alabama

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The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department, on its official Twitter feed, reported that it had "units on the scene on East side of Mobile River where a fuel barge has exploded and is on fire.
1) indicates that the native Eastern Highlands haplotype from the upper Cumberland River is closely related to Eastern Highlands haplotypes in the Kanawha, Ohio, and Monongahela rivers and that they are basal to Great Lakes and Mobile River basin haplotypes.
6 L Porter Mobile River Alabama Power, Barry Plant 30.
According to this map, extensive areas of canebrake were present on both banks of the Mobile River, up to about 30 km from its mouth.
The spiffy, spacious complex on the Mobile River, complete with a massive parking garage, was built just for the Holiday and plays a big part in the ongoing renaissance of downtown Mobile.
The Outlaw Center takes full advantage of its waterfront setting, incorporating exterior terraces, river walks, and expansive riverfront windows, all affording magnificent views of ships passing on the Mobile River, into the bay, and on to the Gulf of Mexico.
The approach helped partners outline and prioritize conservation actions desperately needed in the Upper Coosa River, located in north Georgia at the top of the Mobile River Basin.
suttkusi Williams & Olemmer) sturgeons represent a morphologically distinct genus indigenous to the Mississippi and Mobile river drainages of North America (Bailey and Cross 1954).
and ends at midnight with a fireworks display over the Mobile River.
It was here that they waited for night and passed through Polecat Bay, safely avoiding the Mobile River channel.
Raw water can be supplied to industrial users from Big Creek Lake on one side of the county, or from the Mobile River on the other side of the county.
JHSV 4 is now one of four Austal-built Navy ships moored in the Mobile River, joining USNS Millinocket (JHSV 3), Coronado (LCS 4), and Jackson (LCS 6).
Mobile, Alabama is located on the Mobile River and the central Gulf Coast of the US.
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