Mobile River

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a river in southwestern Alabama

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The Alabama sturgeon has disappeared from approximately 85 percent of its historic range in the Mobile River basin of Alabama and Mississippi.
threatened aquatic species in the Mobile River Basin.
This includes all species belonging to the genera Clappia, Gyrotoma, Amphigyra, and Neoplanorbis, all of which were endemic to the Mobile River basin.
Within the Mobile River system, the Alabama sturgeon inhabited the Black Warrior, Tombigbee, Alabama, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Mobile, Tensaw, and Cahaba rivers, as well as stretches of the Tombigbee River in Mississippi.
Six Freshwater Snails Six species of small freshwater snails native to the Mobile River Basin of Alabama were proposed on October 17 for ESA protection.
Buchanan has made extensive use of water based logging in the Mobile River basin and in Southern Louisiana and maintained a fleet of barges, cranes, and towboats as part of this operation.
the stands were shipped by Danielli United from Italy to the Port of Mobile and were then barged to the site on the Mobile River.
According to this map, extensive areas of canebrake were present on both banks of the Mobile River, up to about 30 km from its mouth.
This is only one event in ambitious recovery programs to restore populations of critically imperiled species through adult and cultured juvenile translocations into stream reaches scattered about the Cumberlandian Region and the Mobile River Basin of the southeastern United States.
The Outlaw Center takes full advantage of its waterfront setting, incorporating exterior terraces, river walks, and expansive riverfront windows, all affording magnificent views of ships passing on the Mobile River, into the bay, and on to the Gulf of Mexico.
The approach helped partners outline and prioritize conservation actions desperately needed in the Upper Coosa River, located in north Georgia at the top of the Mobile River Basin.
The basal unit has a well-developed internal structure comprising low-angle, lateral accretionary surfaces typical of deposition as bar-complexes within a laterally mobile river.
suttkusi Williams & Olemmer) sturgeons represent a morphologically distinct genus indigenous to the Mississippi and Mobile river drainages of North America (Bailey and Cross 1954).
and ends at midnight with a fireworks display over the Mobile River.
The facilities are located in Alabama on 17 acres of land on Blakeley Island on the east bank of the Mobile River and another 28.
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