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Its argument that Plaintiff-Appellee WM Mobile Bay Environmental Center Inc.
Providing a ready force supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific, Mobile Bay is operating as part of the John C.
Also, using either or both The Pirate Bay and The Mobile Bay will require the installation of torrent clients, downloadable from the Play Store, that will actually download the targeted electronic files - movies, music, applications and eBooks among them - hosted by the former's multiple servers.
Through advance scouting, Farragut knew that the entrance to Mobile Bay was mined (hence the "torpedoes," then the term for underwater mines) with the intention of forcing incoming vessels to sail close to shore-based gun batteries.
Alabama speck chasers work oyster reefs, Mobile Bay gas rigs, and bay wrecks for big yellow-mouth specks.
Wendy Lynn McMillan and Jay Christian Lomenick were joined in marriage overlooking beautiful Mobile Bay on April 9, 2011.
The expansion increases the capacity of Florida Gas Transmission Company's mainline facilities from the Mobile Bay, Alabama area to southern Florida, and provides additional firm transportation service capacity throughout Florida to meet the state's increasing energy demand.
Huge corporations, drawn by the Gulf Coast location, the relatively cheap dollar, and lower labor costs, have decided to locate operations in and around Mobile Bay.
Legends claim he was one of the first Europeans on North American soil when he landed at Mobile Bay, Alabama, in around 1170.
When considered in relation to the destruction all around it, the Millard Refrigerated Services' DC, located just 100 feet from the wharf on Mobile Bay, Ala.
The trucks were scheduled to head for Daphne, Alabama, a town on Mobile Bay, where victims were expecting their arrival.
On one particular night, the sirens started blaring; there were searchlights sweeping across the sky, and flares were sent up over Mobile Bay.
On the morning of 5 August 1864, a flotilla of Union warships was preparing to enter and attack Confederate naval and artillery defenses at Mobile Bay, Alabama.
The Mobile Bay and its associated Mobile-Tensaw River Delta are 285,000 acres of open water that contain an astounding array of wildlife, due to the rich environment of fresh river water mixed with saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico.
This charming city on Mobile Bay has a 300-year history but is poised to become a prime destination in the 21st century.
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