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putting a person to death by mob action without due process of law

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The mob lynching of a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh last year over suspicions that he butchered a calf triggered a nationwide debate over beef consumption and cow slaughter, with minority groups and activists accusing the BJP and Hindu hardliners of smudging India's secular fabric.
Lahore -- Second victim of the mob lynching in Youhanabad has been identified Babar Numan who was a resident of Sargodha, local media quoting officials said on Tuesday.
Legal experts, without exception, agree with Zaffaroni, one of the authors of the proposed reform, that mob lynching is doubly premeditated murder --treacherous, malicious, and punishable with 30 years of prison under Article 80 of the current Penal Code as well as the proposed reform.
Mob lynching spread particularly in the Nile Delta.
The unidentified suspect was saved by the police from mob lynching.
June was a particularly violent month in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, with the press reporting several cases of mob lynching, persecutions, and acts of torture against individuals purportedly caught red-handed while engaging in criminal activity.
Mob lynching is something that most of us would associate with the medieval ages.
We may have just witnessed the 21st century equivalent of a mob lynching.
He nevertheless manages to escape both the conflagration and an irate mob lynching papists and foreigners accused of starting the blaze.
As a consequence, all characters suffer from that tragic "mutuality" of contending cultures that produced white-black relations tied to shameful acts of incest, miscegenation, murder, rape, mob lynching, and black social misery.
Soon afterwards, British special forces were called in to stop a mob lynching arrested rebel leader Foday Sankoh.
There is mob lynching, shopkeepers killing petty thieves who steal mobile phones or other small items.
We will create pressure on the government by raising voice on the issue of mob lynching.
ABBOTTABAD -- In a major development, an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Tuesday indicted 57 accused in mob lynching case of Abdul Wali Khan University student, Mashal Khan.
Gauri's chilling murder is naturally headlines; but at the same time other major issues are quickly turned from the pages of people's memories like the deaths of children in UP, the fiasco of demonetization, the institutionalization of corruption, the thousands affected by floods in several parts of the country and the official inability and apathy to respond to those affected, the crimes of Godmen against women like the Dera Chief and Asaram Bapu, the mob lynching of people.