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a political system in which a mob is the source of control

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But even then it provides no justification whatsoever to the people to take the law in their own hands and perpetrate mob justice on the offenders.
This accessible history looks at the social breakdown and violent chaos in Petrograd that followed in the first year after the Russian Revolution of February 1917-- the first eight months from March to October under the Provisional Government, and the five months under the Bolshevik regime between the October Revolution and the relocation of the state government from Petrograd to Moscow--and analyzes the effects of violent crime and mob justice on citizens.
Khan's killing was nonetheless a rare instance in which some ultra-conservatives joined liberals in condemning mob justice in a country that has draconic anti-blasphemy laws on its books that date back to the period of British colonial rule and has allowed the killer of a prominent critic of the law to be celebrated.
The Prime Minister expressed his shock and sadness over the senseless display of mob justice at the Wali Khan University Mardan that resulted in the murder of a young student, Mashaal Khan.
In some cases, mob justice has risen in the streets and angry crowds have attacked soldiers deemed responsible for the coup.
It is alarming that an editor of one of South Africa's esteemed newspapers is advocating mob justice and Ku Klux Klan-type flogging on students when the country's laws prohibit such violent behaviour.
Theft is said to be rampart in Yambio town since the violence broke out in July last year and the community members have resorted to application of mob justice on a suspected thieves.
The country already sees frequent cases of mob justice and lynching of suspected criminals, (http://news.
Oldham's decision has led most national news agendas for much of Sunday and Monday, and the deal has been raked over for so long that the narrative had changed to one about mob justice.
That is why these attempts at mob justice aimed at preventing him starting work again are beginning to make me feel uncomfortable.
However, Masipa pointed to the moral and philosophical changes South Africa has undergone since the end of white rule and the 1994 election of Nelson Mandela, saying the courts were no longer about mob justice and an "eye-for-an-eye".
Indeed, the price of homophobia for gay people in many African countries is painfully clear: legal penalties, social ostracism and mob justice.
Djotodia had seized power in a coup from former President Francois Bozize, prompting Christian militias to wage mob justice again Muslims on the streets, as they seek revenge for attacks on their communities.
However, Jantjie dismissed the report as "nonsense" and said that it was a community thing, which is called mob justice, News24 reports.
But Libya still lacks an effective police force, public security or fully functional courts; and resisting mob justice may be a challenge.