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(Greek mythology) the Titaness who was goddess of memory

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57) The essay reveals McGahern's awareness that his aesthetic cannot be fully mastered by some transcendent Mnemosyne, perhaps explaining those moments in his fiction in which the image never comes and the recalcitrant present refuses to budge.
Moreover, where immortals can downwardly access (or "smoke" in the Cockney lexicon) mortal thoughts and feelings--Apollo, for example, tells us as much when he says to Mnemosyne, "Why should I tell thee what thou so well seest?
The Subunit-selective NMDA Receptor Modulators being developed by Mnemosyne presents an innovative strategy for developing new drugs for neuropsychiatric diseases and we look forward to working with the Mnemosyne team to bring these new candidates to the clinic, said Peter Barrett, Partner, Atlas Venture.
Never previously exhibited since she was drawn in 1876 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), the Study of Jane Morris for Mnemosyne is a stunning work of pastel art.
Guests at the opening of The Poetry Of Drawing exhibition admire The Last Of England by Ford Madox Brown Rossetti's study of Jane Morris for Mnemosyne.
La classification des reves selon Herophile,' Mnemosyne 30:13-27.
Such memory aids are often called mnemonics after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne.
9m, was another Encosta De Lago sibling to a multiple Group 1 winner, in this case to Mnemosyne, who won the Thousand Guineas for Bob Ingham's Woodlands Stud Syndicate.
Mnemosyne is not memory as an archive of dry fact, but as the ongoing effort to recover our sense of ourselves out of our living.
Michaud claims the constructive idea of creating the Mnemosyne atlas appears to be suggested in the enigmatic phrase "iconology of the intervals" in his journal in 1929 (252).
33) sodat "Mnenon" (die manlike vorm van Mnemosyne wat die geheue verteenwoordig) kan vergeet of miskien juis sy sekskepades kan onthou.
Faintly suggestive of the epic convention of invoking one's ethereal patron, line two's reference to the Muse Mnemosyne suggests that Milosz probably had nonhuman time in mind all along.
If Mnemosyne is mother to Justice's muse, abetting him in recalling the vanished Florida of the Depression years, then perhaps Justice's nearest kindred literary spirit is not a poet at all but a novelist and story writer also reared in the South in the early twentieth century--Eudora Welty.
253-80; Roland Kany, Mnemosyne als Programm: Geschichte, Erinnerung und die Andacht zum Unbedeutenden im Werk von Usener, Warburg und Benjamin (Tubingen, 1987); Dorothee Bauerle, Gespenstergeschichten fur Ganz Erwachsene: ein Kommentar zu Aby Warburgs Bilderatlas, Mnemosyne (Munster, 1988); Peter Schmidt, Aby M.