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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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Factors such as density, mixing ratio, and direction of heat flux may affect the thermal characteristics of these materials.
com)-- Newly announced by Intertronics is the preeflow[R] eco-DUO600 by ViscoTec which offers precision metering and mixing of two component materials with mixing ratios adjustable up to 5:1.
However, the hardness of the elastomer can be varied within certain limits by changing the mixing ratio.
This increase was more pronounced in chlorine, so that the amount of chlorine at mixing ratio of 1:2.
I had to mix up two-part paint and needed a measuring cup to get the 4:1 mixing ratio straight.
SP48 captures the finest details, duplicates mirror finishes and has a 1:1 mixing ratio with no weighing necessary, according to company executives.
No longer confined within a small, fixed space, professional photographers will have the option to adjust the camera's dynamic range, changing the mixing ratio between the FinePix S3 Pro's "S" and "R" pixels.
When used in combination with CV-Steel Primer Paste, the 68 Line topcoats can be applied directly to metal as a DTM topcoat with a 50:50 mixing ratio.
40 at a mixing ratio of woodceramics chips to gravel or zeolite from 20:70 to 50:40.
A further advantage is the improved mixing ratio of this silicone gel type (comprising two components: A and B).
The grades vary according to concentration, mixing ratio and stabilizers contained, allowing for flexible use.
Contract notice: Supplies for Road Marking 2-component cold plastic for road marking with mixing ratio 982.
It is said to readily develop a high bonding strength of more than 3,000 psi at room temperature which, unlike that of many other epoxy adhesives, is relatively insensitive to mixing ratio or substrate cleaning procedures, according to the company.
1 The Mixing Ratio Of Pack A And Pack B Should Be Clearly Mentioned In The Offer And Marked On The Containers By The Supplier .