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integrated circuit semiconductor chip that performs the bulk of the processing and controls the parts of a system

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Although further work is required to obtain accurate information on evaluation of fracture toughness of ABS polymeric material under mixed mode loading conditions, the higher value of mode-I and mode-II fracture toughness can be obtained from the new test methodology specimen rather than three-point bend and double-edge-notched Iosipescu specimens.
y] Yield strength [lambda] Virtual crack advance dA Surface element CLS Crack lap shear CRS Crack rail shear DCB Double cantilever beam EDT Edge delamination tension ELS End load split ENF End notch flexure MMB Mixed mode bending MMF Mixed-mode flexure SLB Single leg bending
The main objective of this study is to present a method for mixed mode crack initiation based on a failure criterion.
In this section, the mixed mode cracks are divided into two types: tension cracks and compression-shear cracks.
By using Ericsson's Mixed Mode solution, eAccess can use the same radio frequency band for both LTE and 3G/WCDMA services.
In following sections, we describe Mixed Mode instruction, the technological and use considerations associated with Mixed Mode instruction, a course delivered using Mixed Mode instruction, the rationale' for selecting the course, a comparison of student performance in a traditional classroom setting to the Mixed Mode version, and student reaction to the Mixed Mode presentation.
The advanced PIP (picture-in-picture) functions enable consumers to enjoy mixed mode PIP for watching TV and working on a PC concurrently, split screen viewing, and to re-size and re-locate the PIP window.
0 enhancements as well as superior uptime provided by our Windows 2000 and OpenVMS mixed mode TCM environment," said John Schmitt, Treasurer, H.
11a, e, g, and h features to enable a standards-compliant bursting capability for 108Mbps and 54Mbps single and mixed mode connections.
We needed an ERP solution that delivered broad functionality along with mixed mode manufacturing and an intuitive user interface, as many of our employees are not highly trained IT users.
In contrast, the use of simultaneous mixed modes did not have a positive effect on rates.
Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, has announced the development of a powerful yet flexible solutions framework that supports the actual ways in which Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Make-to-Order (MTO) manufacturers operate--including concurrent or progressive engineering and simultaneous mixed modes of operation.