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made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races

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Chronic kidney diseases in mixed ancestry South African populations: Prevalence, determinants and concordance between kidney function estimators.
However, when individuals were classified according to the amount of their genome they shared with each parental species, it became clear that individuals of mixed ancestry that shared most of their genome with one of the species were physically indistinguishable from the pure individuals of that species.
Assu's work explores his mixed ancestry and how consumer culture is used to define personal heritage.
Hugh was an inspired participant in the TV show and was intrigued by his mixed ancestry.
We need to ensure our registries reflect who is Metis, not someone who simply says 'I'm of mixed ancestry, I can't get Indian status, therefore I'm Metis.
Finding a match for minorities and people of mixed ancestry has long been difficult because there are not enough potential donors from those races on the registry.
white-Japanese versus black-Latino lineage) form organizations solely on the basis of having mixed ancestry.
The suggestion of mixed ancestry for ST60 is also supported by the results of the anthroposcopic assessment of morphological traits, which gave both 'white' and 'black' traits.
Being of mixed ancestry sadly gets you the worst of many worlds.
She describes how Erdrich's mixed ancestry, her inherited concepts of landscape, and her proximity to an international border inform her narratives.
Most of the African-Americans in the study had mixed ancestry from different regions of western Africa, which made tracing ancestry to particular ethnic groups difficult, Tishkoff says.
Many individuals are able to manage and maintain multiple identities and to assume that all individuals with mixed ancestry can only choose to be 'Black' in order to maintain a positive identity is belittling, offensive and misleading.
In the debate on race in Cuba, the media have drawn some of the heaviest criticism for allegedly fomenting stereotypes that identify black people and people of mixed ancestry with crime, or with very specific activities like sports and music, while establishing the idea of white "normality.
Similarly, in many Latin American countries where there is a significant African population and people of mixed ancestry, Obama's campaign is giving them the impetus to fight their invisibility in societies that deny any connection with African identity other than exoticised African dances.
After completing this book, Mitchell plans to write a history of people of mixed ancestry in the United States.