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Synonyms for mitzvah

(Judaism) a precept or commandment of the Jewish law

(Judaism) a good deed performed out of religious duty

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To come of age in Judaism is to be a ben or bat mitzva, literally, "a child of commandments"--to have arrived at an age in which one may be subject to duties.
As Rabbi Sholom Duchman, the director of Colel Chabad explains, the main figure of a bar mitzva is usually the father, thus these boys would have been embarrassed to have had had their bar mitzva at the synagogue without one.
107) He explains that if both the husband and wife submit themselves to the rabbinical court's jurisdiction to address the end-of-marriage issues, should at any juncture during the proceedings the husband refuse to deliver a get, the court may acknowledge the wife's claim for either a monetary award (which ought not be excessive for get recalcitrance) or for emotional distress due to her right to marry or have children, or for her inability to observe the mitzva of marriage or of having children.
Mitzva Farms' full line of products, available in Yetta's Chedda, Muenster Mench, A Bis'l Swiss'l and Hava-Na-Varti, is Kosher according to Halacha (Jewish law).
I see it as a Jewish tradition of doing Mitzva -- helping other people live up to their potential.
But more than this: My seder hosts in absentia had celebrated their elder daughter's bat mitzva earlier that year.
Marco Botti came close to making it a British-trained Listed-race double, but his Silver Mitzva, after running a game race, had to give best to German challenger Go East in the Premio Giovanni Falck.
Marco Botti's Silver Mitzva is the other British representative on the card, in the Listed Premio Giovanni Falck (1m4f).
SILVER MITZVA came out on top in the finish of the night has she held off the strong rally of Raise The Goblet throughout the last furlong and a half to land the 1m4f handicap.
Silver Mitzva had run well at the course previously, but even trainer Marco Botti must have been surprised by the ease of her victory in the 1m31/2f handicap.
He injected more speed entering the straight and Alma Mater drew clear to win by four lengths from German outsider Sworn Mum and the Marco Botti-trained Silver Mitzva, who just missed second place by a short neck.
Novak's idiom is biographical, as he resigned from Conservative Judaism's Rabbinical Assembly, which often rejected halakhic imperative, or mitzva, because it conflicted with a moral imperative which, for Novak, is alien to Judaism's commanding voice.
SILVER MITZVA makes her first start of 2008 in the Chalice Stakes at Newbury this afternoon, and though she earned top marks for consistency last year, her trainer Marco Botti feels she may need the outing when she lines up for the first time in 251 days.
Hobby and Silver Mitzva contest Walther J Jacobs Stutenpreis
Sara Finds a Mitzva is a delightful picturebook especially for Jewish children, about a young girl who discovers a lost toy duck.