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Chasmanthium (grasses) as well as Mitchella repens on fertile sites,
equalaterale, Mitchella repens (partridge berry), Smilax pumila and
Mitchella has not fulfilled the promise of her eye-catching debut at Windsor.
92, 1 Mitchella repens -- -- -- Nuphar advena -- P 4, 0.
The morphology of the flower and inflorescence of Mitchella repens.
45) Rhizophoraceae Crossostylis Rubiaceae Mitchella Rutaceae None Salvadoraceae Salvadora, Dobera Sapindaceae Xanthoceras Sarcolaenaceae Xyloolaena Scyphostegiaceae Scyphostegia Simaroubaceac Picrasma, Brucea (1); Samadera (2); Picramnw, Eurycoma, etc.
Upland species common on geomorphic surfaces of moderate inundation potential included: Thelypteris noveboracensis, Brachyelytrum erectum, Mitchella repens, Oxalis acetosella, Acer rubrum and Fagus grandifolia.
Mitchella was running on really strongly at the end of the maiden won by Loveleaves, forging into fourth.
Rubiaceae: anatomical studies of North American representatives of Cephalanthus, Oldenlandia, Houstonia, Mitchella, Diodia, and Galium.