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English aeronautical engineer (1895-1937)

United States aviator and general who was an early advocate of military air power (1879-1936)

United States astronomer who studied sunspots and nebulae (1818-1889)

United States writer noted for her novel about the South during the American Civil War (1900-1949)

United States labor leader

United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)

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Sydney Mitchell LLP has offices in Birmingham, Shirley and Sheldon.
Over the course of Dance Magazine's 80-year history, Mitchell has shot about one-sixth of all the covers--that's 168 to be exact.
Attorneys for the county had argued at the trial that Deputy Rick Manes was justified in shooting Mitchell, who was unarmed, because Mitchell tried to grab Manes' gun and then went after his partner's gun, Galipo said at the time of the verdict.
So when Mitchell thinks "close hand," the prosthetic automatically forms a fist.
And that, Mitchell asserts (quoting an unlikely source perhaps), is "at the root of a great deal of pain, violence, and war.
Mitchell doesn't think this approach is wrong exactly, but the emphasis on the picture as something that requires interpretation--a visual "text" there to be read or decoded--tends to block our understanding of the ways that pictures are more than just structures of information or ideas.
to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels By Andrea Mitchell Viking, $25.
Sitting nearby, Hiram's aunt, Loretta Mitchell, shakes her head as her 1-year-old daughter, London, tries to squirm out of her grasp.
Among the sky watchers was veteran astronomer Dorrit Hoffleit, former director of the island's Maria Mitchell Observatory (see sidebar page 25).
MITCHELL, Stephen Jesus; what he really said and did.
Mitchell controls New Testament studies, is deeply immersed in classical rhetoric, well read in patristics, and knowledgeable in art history and late antiquity--all disciplines useful in interpreting John of the Golden Mouth.
Built on a prominent rock outcrop in the centre of town, and surrounded by maple trees, the 29,440-square-foot lodge, designed by North Bay architect Paul Mitchell of Mitchell Associates architect inc.
Despite no money for college and little encouragement from his teachers, Eric Mitchell was determined to make something of himself.
In a federal District Court there, the Mitchell Trusts, which owns the copyright to Gone With the Wind, successfully blocked the publication of Alice Randall's novel, The Wind Done Gone, arguing that the new book engaged in "blatant and wholesale theft" of Mitchell's fictional universe.
In January 1992, Billy Mitchell was shopping at a Dillard's department store in Paradise Valley, Arizona.