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a form of address for a man

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About 20 percent of the would-be Misters drop out, most often because they cannot pass the PRXIS tests.
While it is still too early to say definitively whether Call Me Mister is having a significant effect on overall achievement based on standardized examinations, principals like Wise and Morgan say they are convinced that the atmosphere created by the Misters will inevitably improve academic performance over time.
That experience was the impetus that led Joseph to Call Me Mister, a seven-year-old program designed to train Black men to become schoolteachers and role models.
Mister Spex is now focusing on its vision for future expansion as it migrates its German, French, Spanish and Swedish-language online shops to Intershop s powerful and flexible platform.
The online optician chose Intershop s highly flexible, modular shop platform after looking at various competitors, attracted by Intershop s ability to grow with Mister Spex international business plans.
Lars Schickner, Director Innovation Center at Intershop is quoted as saying: Mister Spex is the latest high-profile online retailer to make a strategic decision to re-platform as an enabler for future business growth.
Mister is using every page of his dirty tricks manual to quell a labor uprising instigated by one Larry Forman (played by Aaron Hendry).
Mister has a wonderful decadence, vamping it up over the content of Sunday mass speeches with the Rev.