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a native or resident of Missouri

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Caption: Tom Warhover, associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and executive editor for innovation at the Columbia Missourian
Twice a week, Miller, 85, in his role as editor and publisher, writes most of the editorials that appear in the Missourian.
Rust, publisher of the Southeast Missourian and co-president of Rust Communications, says that there were several reasons they joined the program.
The Missourian has a relatively normal web-access system: after a predetermined number of articles are viewed within a 30-day period, the site pops up a dialog asking for a subscription, with is $3 per month for print subscribers or $8 per month for digital-only access.
Masson is a career journalist who has been the Pacific editor for the Washington Missourian since 1997.
The Columbia Missourian says books, paper and pens are still considered necessary school supplies.
In that steamy July, Collier's published "City Without Secrets" about the then-39-year-old newspaper war in Columbia, Missouri, between the journalism school's Missourian and the privately owned Daily Tribune.
According to a story in the Missourian, the not-for-profit paper acts as a teaching laboratory for the School of Journalism.
He calls it eMprint, and it was field tested in 2005 at the Columbia Missourian.
To me, an eight-month-old fetus has more moral status than a four-month-old fetus and a four-month-old fetus has more moral status than a four-day-old embryo," Roberts told the Columbia Missourian.
according to a report in the Missourian (Columbia, Mo.
That makes it four top-tens this year for the quiet Missourian.
The airline is an AmericanConnection partner and has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Trans States, the Columbia Missourian reported.
I hadn't even made the connection between the bird flu and the country's national day of gluttony until I noticed this chirpy headline in the Missourian News earlier this week:
One Missourian attributed this distinct brand of Western democracy to "the mixed nature of our population .