Missouri River

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the longest river in the United States

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Im pleased that the Federal Claims Court has found what Missouri families, farmers, and business owners have been saying for more than a decade: the Army Corps of Engineers mismanagement of the Missouri River has resulted in widespread damages with substantial costs, Blunt said.
Constructed SWH chutes in the lower Missouri River support more species of juvenile fishes than adjacent mainstem habitats, although there is no difference in effective number of species (Jost, 2006) between these habitats (Starks et al.
to remove debris from the flooding of the Meramec River; Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center will use funds for the annual 'Shoal Creek Water Festival' bringing awareness to the need to protect Shoal Creek; and Missouri River Relief will use it for the 'Big Muddy Home Waters' clean-up via organise community based clean-ups of trash from the Missouri River in Cole, Callaway and Boone Counties.
The AVA covers a long, narrow area along the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers from Hawarden, Iowa, to Craig, Mo.
One of the native residents of the Missouri River is the freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens.
Diversity is concentrated in the formerly glaciated portion of eastern Nebraska, and drops abruptly along the Missouri River to the east and in the Great Plains westward.
UP, BNSF getting back to normal after Missouri River flooding.
A leak in a natural gas liquids pipeline operated by Enterprise Products Partners spilled fuel into the Missouri River in Iowa, the company said.
This unfunded Federal mandate means we must reduce the number of raw sewage overflows per year to the Missouri River and the Papillion Creek from about 58 to four.
The Missouri River is playfully referred to as the Big Muddy, but the river's flood history is far from comical.
s business territories--central North Dakota and western Iowa--are in crisis-management mode to hold back the rising Missouri River waters.
It's planned to go up near the capital Lima as Peru's answer to Brazil''s iconic Christ the Redeemer at Rio - but Lima mayor Susana Villaran is opposing Garcia''s plans, saying he didn''t ask her first (AP Photo/Oscar Farje, Peru Presidential Press Office) USA A ruptured levee near Hamburg, Iowa inundated by the Missouri river, right (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) PAKISTAN A horse with a local mobile number painted on it, is left for rent, on a roadside near Islamabad (AP Photo/M s uhammed Muheisen)
This is a large-scale effort dependent on volunteers and additional personnel to cover a broad range of the upper channelized Missouri River bordering Nebraska.
Steamboats west; the 1859 American Fur Company Missouri River expedition.
Work started Friday on construction of a pedestrian and bicycle attachment on the Missouri River Bridge in Callaway and Cole counties and that means smaller lanes and slower traffic.
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