Missouri River

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the longest river in the United States

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The area was damaged and filled with sediment during the 2011 Missouri River flood.
Voith Hydro is very excited to be a part of the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project, and we look forward to continuing to work with the great team at Missouri River Energy Services over the coming years," said Voith Hydro's Director of Sales and Marketing, Carl Atkinson, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony.
Investigations in the Missouri River Basin from the Kansas River northward were minimal until the last quarter of the twentieth century.
BNSF to reopen rail route across Missouri River ahead of schedule.
Enterprise's Rainey said the leak may have sprung in an area that usually is on a dry riverbed but was underwater following severe flooding along the Missouri River this spring and summer.
In Omaha, CSOs are discharged into tributaries of Papillion Creek or directly to the Missouri River.
The first detailed account of Missouri River flooding occurred in 1881 when an ice jam break flooded northeastern Nebraska.
s business territories--central North Dakota and western Iowa--are in crisis-management mode to hold back the rising Missouri River waters.
It's planned to go up near the capital Lima as Peru's answer to Brazil''s iconic Christ the Redeemer at Rio - but Lima mayor Susana Villaran is opposing Garcia''s plans, saying he didn''t ask her first (AP Photo/Oscar Farje, Peru Presidential Press Office) USA A ruptured levee near Hamburg, Iowa inundated by the Missouri river, right (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) PAKISTAN A horse with a local mobile number painted on it, is left for rent, on a roadside near Islamabad (AP Photo/M s uhammed Muheisen)
This is a large-scale effort dependent on volunteers and additional personnel to cover a broad range of the upper channelized Missouri River bordering Nebraska.
Steamboats west; the 1859 American Fur Company Missouri River expedition.
Work started Friday on construction of a pedestrian and bicycle attachment on the Missouri River Bridge in Callaway and Cole counties and that means smaller lanes and slower traffic.
Emma's River" is the exciting story of ten -year -old Emma and her pregnant mother and favorite horse, Licorice Twist, who are bound on a steamship journey west on the Missouri River in 1852.
First reported in 1979 and 1983, specimens were collected near Jackass Bend on the Missouri River in Jackson County near the Kansas line.
The Missouri River reservoir system is a critical national resource that provides a variety of benefits, including navigation, flood control, irrigation, hydropower, municipal and industrial water supply, recreation, and fish and wildlife habitat.
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