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a university town in western Montana

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To learn more about DropTrip and BREDD, visit the 1 Million Cups Missoula events page.
The Department of Justice investigated the handling of sexual assault cases in Missoula and found that between January 2008 and May 2012, there were 350 cases of sexual assault reported to the Missoula police.
The Karl Tyler's Missoula Volkswagen Birthday Bash kicks off with a hiking trip up Blue Mountain.
Although Missoula did not experience the construction boom and bust seen elsewhere, building activity has barely budged front recession lows.
General manager of Missoula Daniel Coveney said: "On Sunday several team members, including me, will be doing a 20-mile walk in honour of Help for Heroes.
Similarly, the Missoula Celtic Festival was awarded a grant of USD7,800 to help run the annual event in Caras Park.
If a person needs help and doesn't have a faith community, most sources in Missoula know to call me and they will be seen by me and I can make a referral or develop a Care Team if necessary.
Liquid Planet is a Missoula based business dedicated to providing products good for the body, spaces that feed the soul and profits that give back to the earth.
As a Missoula Plan steering committee advisor, NTCA was active in the plan's development.
While some folks remained skeptical, WMGLCC board member and longtime Missoula resident Bobby Tollefson was encouraged.
With her statuesque figure, Hollywood beauty mark on her cupid-bow mouth, and Cyd Charisse legs, Campbell's arrival in the rustic college town of Missoula was a surprise.
has introduced a drop-off program for glass recycling through hauler BFI Montana, according to a report in the Missoula Independent (Missoula, Mont.
To study whether asbestos could be such an environmental trigger, Jean Pfau and colleagues at the University of Montana in Missoula went to the nearby town of Libby, where they found evidence that asbestos exposure may indeed induce autoimmunity [EHP 113:25-30].
LANCASTER - Nearly 60 local youngsters, ages 6 to 17, will take the stage this weekend at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center for the Missoula Children's Theatre's production of ``The Frog Prince.
Patterson, built in 1903 in Missoula, a town situated where the Clark Fork, Blackfoot, and Bitterroot river valleys converge.