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a native or resident of Mississippi

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The company owns royalty interests in oil and natural gas properties in the Mississippian formation in Alfalfa, Grant, Kay, Noble and Woods counties in northern Oklahoma and Barber, Comanche, Harper as well as Sumner counties in southern Kansas.
Some USD590m was funnelled into the trust's sponsor, US energy firm SandRidge Energy Inc (NYSE:SD), to partially pay for the conveyance of the royalty interests held by the trust, SandRidge Mississippian Trust II said.
9 [degrees]) from the two samples collected reveal that the shale is dominated by quartz, the most common mineral in Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian strata exposed near Serpent Mound.
The 4,000-acre area was inhabited in 700 by Woodland Indians, then, from 800 to about 1400, by Indians of the Mississippian culture.
As the Mississippian ceremonial center faded, a new Lamar culture rose in the surrounding areas, blending Mississippian and Woodland elements.
Cycling itself refers to the fluctuations in administrative levels in the chiefdom societies of the Mississippian era from village-level, more egalitarian societies to simple chiefdoms and finally to hierarchical complex chiefdoms where a paramount chief controls a number of smaller chiefdoms and considerable land.
Hall combines perhaps the best summary of the Cahokia site ever written with an anthropological perspective of Mississippian symbolism and interaction mechanisms that is at once solidly researched and eminently logical, yet gives flight to the imagination.
the first black Mississippian sent to Congress since Reconstruction.
OTCBB:OEDV ), an independent exploration and production company focused on the Horizontal Mississippian and Woodford plays in Oklahoma, announced today the average 30-day initial production on its Krittenbrink 1-1H horizontal Mississippian well located in Section 1-18N-4W.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 29, 2016-SandRidge Mississippian Trust II authorises quarterly distribution of USD0.
Devon Energy has entered into an agreement to sell all its non-core Mississippian assets in northern Oklahoma in a deal worth $200million.
These endeavors have produced the largest and most well documented sample of Late Mississippian ceramics in the Lower Tallapoosa River Valley.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 10, 2012--Raymond James, RBC CM, Morgan Stanley, BofA, Citigroup to run SandRidge Mississippian Trust II's IPO(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
OTCMarkets:ENRJ), a domestic onshore oil company, has completed the drilling of five new oil wells aimed at the Mississippian formation in Southeast Kansas, with a 100 percent success rate.
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