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a native or resident of Mississippi

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If you purchased or otherwise acquired SandRidge Mississippian shares pursuant to the IPO and/or between April 7, 2011 and November 8, 2012,your rights may be affected by this action .
Critique: A model of seminal scholarship, "From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville: Death, World Renewal, and the Sacred in the Mississippian Social World of the Late Prehistoric Eastern Woodlands" is an invaluable contribution to the fields of North American archaeology and pre-Columbian Native American studies.
Their topics include southwest Florida during the Mississippi Period, the Indian River region, the Alachue of north-central Florida, an overview of the Suwanee Valley culture, Fort Walton culture in the Tallahassee Hills, and a view of Florida from the Mississippian world of Cahokia.
While Europeans did not instigate the shattering of Mississippian culture, their intrusions into the region accelerated a process that was already in motion.
The authors, basing an interpretation solely on the size and shape of the grains in those shale clasts, suggest that the clasts belong to the Upper Devonian Ohio Shale or Lower Mississippian sandstones of the Cuyahoga Series.
Flourishing with art, science, and the remarkable construction achievements of its mounds and sun calendars, Cahokia became the regional center of the Mississippian culture.
The principal development of societies that could be called chiefdoms occurred from about AD 900 to 1250, during late Emergent Mississippian times and into the subsequent Mississippian period.
Many speculations and theories have been proposed to explain the origins and disappearance of the Mississippian peoples whose ways of life left the Southeast and Mississippi Valley spotted with impressive and archaeologically rich mounds.
the first black Mississippian sent to Congress since Reconstruction.
TPG-Axon's ongoing and exhaustive investigation has identified that WCT Resources, a company owned and controlled by trusts established by Tom Ward for the benefit of his children, owns mineral rights adjacent to SandRidge in 22 counties in Oklahoma and Kansas which make up part of the Mississippian Lime formation, the Company's primary oil and natural gas play.
announced a one-day peak rate on the Everest 1-9MH and 30-day production rates from 2 previously announced Horizontal Mississippian wells, the George Plagg 1-18MH and the George Plagg 1-19MH in Oklahoma.
These endeavors have produced the largest and most well documented sample of Late Mississippian ceramics in the Lower Tallapoosa River Valley.
2013 Development Plan EnerJex intends to drill more than 100 wells in its Mississippian Project and more than 150 wells in its Cherokee Project during 2013, representing an expected increase of more than 100% in its Mississippian Project and a similar number of wells in its Cherokee Project compared to 2012.
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