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Elgenaid Hamadain, Chair, University of Mississippi Medical Center
For nearly two decades, the Mississippi Market wholesale show has been uniting the state's artists, artisans and wholesalers with buyers and retailers from around the U.
Sacks, a partner in Nixon Peabody's Affordable Housing practice, stated, "Our commitment to assist the Mississippi Center for Justice and the volunteer lawyers working with its organization is just one of many steps Nixon Peabody is taking to help with the rebuilding and housing revitalization effort along the Gulf Coast.
He has no use for the concept of the South as a pre-modern, pre-capitalist, feudal, or seigneurial society (depending on how one uses the last term) and instead, following scholars such as Mark Smith and Joyce Chaplin, to mention only two who have significantly modified the idea that the South was totally out of step with the rest of the nation, sees Mississippi frontiersmen and planters as striving to be part of current business and scientific trends.
When indicators of those three variables are examined for the states hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi and Louisiana, the relationships become quite evident.
Mesrobian was on the Mississippi Music Teachers Association (MMTA) executive board as coordinator of the state finals for three years.
In 1718, French settlers founded New Orleans on a natural ridge of high land on a bend of the Mississippi River, with Lake Pontchartrain (which is actually an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico) to the north and coastal wetlands to the east, south.
With pouring rain and winds topping 225 kilometers (140 miles) an hour, Katrina pounded Mississippi.
Regretfully but realistically defying his fallen commander's final order, Lambert ordered a withdrawal, ending the British attempt to seize New Orleans and with it the Mississippi.
A comparison of the results of senior year Turkish students with undergraduate students made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the University of Mississippi, may be found in Figure 1, and a comparison of two classes, one of freshmen and the other of sophomores at Dokuz Eylul University with a first year graduate class of students at the University of Mississippi, may be found in Figure 2.
Agents in Mississippi played a significant role in winning legislative approval for a tort reform package in May 2004.
Mississippi holds a peculiar place in the history of race relations in the United States.
When Cheri Goldstein and Holly Perdue asked officials in Mississippi to recognize the out-of-state adoption of their 5-year-old son, Taliesin, they were denied.
Kevin Akers to succeed Matthew L, Holleman, III, as president of Mississippi Valley Gas Co.
The Mississippi capital extends its Southern hospitality this year to 118 dancers from twenty-five countries, their coaches, and thirteen jurors from around the world.
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