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The treatments used vary according to the location and size of the missing tooth but bridges, crowns and implants are all ways that a 'gappy' smile can be restored to its former glory with relative ease.
INJURED: Marcus reveals his missing tooth yesterday; BACK IN THE GAME: Gerrard has a laugh with team-mate Lucas
Type of Replacement perceived: Comparison of the individual's knowledge towards different prosthetic replacement options and their perceived option for replacing the missing tooth were as follows.
com/p/BPUFUgNlflr/) first photo Wilkinson shared features Hank Baskett IV showing off his missing tooth while posing alongside his hockey-playing idol, Nate Thompson.
There are a variety of restorations replacing one missing tooth to a full arch of teeth which are fixed in place giving the patient the closest thing to having natural teeth.
The implant procedure involves the placement of a small titanium post to permanently replace the missing tooth root, upon which a replacement tooth is secured.
STEVEN GERRARD joked with Liverpool team-mates yesterday - as his alleged assault victim showed off his missing tooth.
Other than the missing tooth, the majority of SGT C's injuries were confined to soft tissue.
DESPITE her sincere insistence to "take me as I am" Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus appears to have had a missing tooth replaced, on the cover of her new single.
That means enrollees will have the option of choosing an implant to replace a missing tooth instead of a conventional fixed bridge.
9,10 Muller observed that in a North American population, the maxillary lateral incisor was the most frequently missing tooth in individuals with agenesis of only one or two teeth.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To compare the correlation between the number of missing tooth and diabetes in a group of 100 diabetic patients with that of 100 non-diabetic individuals of the same age group.
One victim suffered a cuts to his head, another a split lip and missing tooth and the third man a black and swollen eye.