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Synonyms for misogynist




Synonyms for misogynist

a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular

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Female bloggers have been increasingly speaking out about misogynist comments, rape threats and death threats.
The decision-making misogynists in the US diplomatic corps also appear to love throwing female diplomats into volatile areas controlled by militants with links to al-Qaeda.
It must be said that misogynists in the US State Department have their affiliates in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
But perhaps, the misogynists in the US State Department have logical reasons, which could defend their persistence of posting ladies in volatile regions under the Islamists' control.
But the reality is something far different from what these misogynists expect from Islamists.
I follow that misogynists and inveterate sharpies are bad, but I thought Korean War vets were good guys, M*A*S*H* and all that.
He recently wrote that neoliberals ,were misogynists who feared "having their weenies fed to the pencil sharpener.
Friday, July 21: Beyond Sex, stocks, and sports: Dan Sachar, chief executive of a small New York Web start-up, wants people to know that most young male Webheads aren't "Neanderthal misogynists.
Rape Crisis said: "Frize is the latest in a long line of misogynists attempting to peddle damaging and prejudicial attitudes to women as something edgy and subversive.
Larsson's novel and Niels Arden Oplev's film are set in a world where women are trafficked and slain by misogynists protected by wealth and privilege, and Salander is the sort of woman to take this news badly.
Frostrup attacked Thomas's comments, saying: "The reason there aren't more women on the Today programme is that they are all a bunch of misogynists.
Montague last night defended Mr Thomas, denying that he was a misogynist.
Misogynists and profeminists alike looked to theology and the Bible to supply them with arguments and anecdotes and examples of both bad and good women.
What they had to say to women and society was largely reactive to what misogynists said about women.
Helisenne takes up next in this third invective letter another point of argument used by her husband, a favorite biblical "proof" used by misogynists to further soil the reputation of women: their beauty and vain use of cosmetics and dress with the sole purpose of alluring males.