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the first part of the Talmud


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Epstein, the outstanding talmudic scholar of the past generation, sees in the different arrangement of the halakhot in the Tosefta a remnant of the arrangement of a prior Mishna, "an arrangement more primary and more logical" than that of the mishnayot in our present Mishna (Introduction to Tannaitic Literature, p.
Only because of "a time came for G-d" they permitted the writing of mishnayot and halachot; however, since according to the law they were not given to be written, they do not defile the hands and it is permissible to touch them uncovered.
In explaining these mishnayot, the Talmud brings numerous textual sources for the obligation of zimmun.
There are two significant Babylonian Talmudic sources that address women's participation in zimmun -- the seventh chapter of Brakhot, expanding on the mishnayot quoted above, and the very beginning of Arukhin.