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a written account of what transpired at a meeting

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9) Minutes of meeting of the Council of the RAHS 30 November 1984 (RAHS Archives reference 1/ 19/16).
Nationally, the union said just 27 out of 139 institutions responded to a request to see minutes of meetings of remuneration committees, while half of those that did reply redacted some information.
Agenda of the meeting addressed several topics, such as regulations of governance in regional monetary and financial authorities, reviewing minutes of meetings of the committee of governors of GCC monetary departments and central banks and minutes of meetings of the GCC Custom Union.
The Governor discussed with members of the Council the topics on the agenda of the session and the minutes of meetings of local councils for each of the governorates of Taif, Rabigh, Aljamoum, Khulais, Al-Kamel, Al-Qunfutha and Al-Khurma.
Leaked minutes - pages 4&5) THE leaked minutes of meetings between social workers in Cardiff paint a worrying picture of the stresses facing one of the city's most important services.
Recently, the CCP officials conducted inspections of the poultry associations at Karachi and Lahore and recovered valuable record and minutes of meetings and other data.
The conferees were briefed on previous minutes of meetings and the current year's operation plans as well as budget.
09) is unfamiliar with what is written up in minutes of meetings within Middlesbrough Council.
Summary: The minutes of meetings in which it was decided the UK would go to war with Iraq will not be made public after a Government veto.
Written by freelance training consultant and secretarial education expert Joanna Gutmann, Taking Minutes of Meetings is a no-nonsense, self-teaching tool instructing the reader in the theory and application of proper forms for taking minutes (records) of a meeting.
The study is based on government and AIDS organizations' policy documents, minutes of meetings, workshop summaries, and newspapers and magazine articles.
The cases include concocting reports on facility safety checks that were never conducted and the minutes of meetings that never took place.