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an American militiaman prior to and during the American Revolution

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a strategic weapon system using a guided missile of intercontinental range

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Minuteman Watches was brought to life in 2013, for 3 reasons.
As a CO-OP under the ACA, the old Minuteman was capitalized by the federal government.
Jason Crowdle knows, thanks to his own experience at Minuteman.
Exhibiting a sophisticated understanding of people on the Great Plains, Heeftier uses their relationship with the Minuteman fields of South Dakota as a case study.
The article, "The Missile Next Door," documents the 1970s and 80s peace movement efforts against the Minuteman silos.
The Minuteman load bank is rated for continuous operation at 100 kW at both 240 or 480 Vac, three-phase, 60 Hz and 80 kW at 208 Vac, three-phase, 60 Hz.
Gilchrist, who had washed his hands of the Keyes groups, sent out a bulletin making clear that his Minuteman Project no longer had any associations with Simcox and his outfit.
The fully-automatic Minuteman ELT3 (for microindentation applications) and ELT4 (for Rockwell and MicroRockwell applications) version are said to offer outstanding return on investment through improved productivity.
The Minuteman Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network Program--which began more than seven years ago--replaces Legacy Emergency Communication Systems at 20th Air Force Minuteman III launch control centers.
Sean Hannity sounded ecstatic as he talked to a Minuteman and a Border Patrol agent.
The University of Massachusetts elects to keep its Minuteman mascot despite citing "gender, firearms and ethnicity issues as reasons to abandon it.
Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE:NOC) Mission Systems sector was awarded a $181 million contract last week to continue full-rate production of the ICBM Guidance Replacement Program (GRP), which is upgrading the guidance-system electronics in the Minuteman III missile to extend its service life through 2020.
Brock Bigsby, scout executive for the Minuteman Council, said the national organization is powerless to stop the award: "Local councils do have the flexibility to establish awards like this to meet the needs of our kids.
Seven years after closing the last of the Minuteman II missile sites near Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.
Beginning this fall and continuing until next spring, the company will donate groves of Minuteman River Birches and Mark Twain Cave Bur Oaks to each of the eight communities.