Minoan culture

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the bronze-age culture of Crete that flourished 3000-1100 BC

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After a light lunch - after breakfast at the Royal Mare, even that might be a struggle - we delved into Minoan culture at the city's renowned antiquities museum, picking out fabulous finds from the ruined palaces that dominated the Mediterranean 3,500 years ago.
This pioneer game dating from 2000 BC in the Minoan culture, came to the British Isles with the Roman invaders, and to the new world with the Scots, Welsh and British colonists, long before the American Revolution.
the Minoan culture on Crete, for example, flourished; its people grew quite affluent and constructed great palaces (Dickinson, 1994).
Carol Christ, speaking from her experiences studying Minoan culture and goddess worship, explained that "Goddess religion has much to teach us.
Fair enough, except that Ellis and Pellegrino are equally in love with Minoan culture.