Minoan culture

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the bronze-age culture of Crete that flourished 3000-1100 BC

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At the archaeological museum Modjeska sees the remains of the Minoan culture.
This pioneer game dating from 2000 BC in the Minoan culture, came to the British Isles with the Roman invaders, and to the new world with the Scots, Welsh and British colonists, long before the American Revolution.
the Minoan culture on Crete, for example, flourished; its people grew quite affluent and constructed great palaces (Dickinson, 1994).
Advanced Minoan culture and its grand palaces disappeared around 1450 B.
The name Gaiam reflects the company's core values, combining "Gaia," the Earth Goddess in ancient Minoan culture and "I am.
This colorfully-illustrated reference for young adults covers major periods of Greek history from the Bronze Age and Minoan culture through the destruction of Troy, to the rise of democracy in Athens and the empire of Alexander the Great.
Beginning with the Minoan culture, he traces the archaeological and social forces that led to the present culture of misogyny and glorification of war.