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the lowest wage that an employer is allowed to pay

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The artisans and labourers are not teaching their skills to their coming generations because it gets them minimal wages.
Most of the new job opportunities were in the construction sector and offered minimal wages, which are not appealing to the citizens, said National Democratic Forum Society secretary-general Dr Hassan Al A'ali.
I'd rather ridicule it than rage at it and highlight what players faced 60-odd years ago in England, when Jimmy Guthrie, right half and captain of the Portsmouth team which won the FA Cup in 1939, fought against a contract system which bound clubs to players in perpetuity for minimal wages.
He reports that government provided generous subsidies to corporations building the transcontinental railroad while also supporting the corporations in their efforts to maintain minimal wages paid to workers.
After all the guy is on minimal wages and we wouldn't get any money if we sold him.
Following the principles of liberal laissez faire, the poor law commissioners forbade any skilled labor in the workhouse because they rightly feared that employers would exploit cheap female workhouse labor, undercutting the already minimal wages of women outside the workhouse.
The people whom Ehrenreich met when she was trying to live on minimal wages were barely better off than the patients we visit at the board-and-care homes.
They might be told they are coming here to be a student but end up in bonded employment working in a kitchen or as a fast food chef and paid minimal wages so they can't discharge their debt.