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a digital computer of medium size

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That gap is due to the fact that in industry more than half of the computers are workstations networked off a minicomputer or a mainframe.
In the earlier days of the micro-mini overlap, a great many management information systems (MIS) people were minicomputer snobs.
Applications of minicomputers to library and related problems (Proceedings of the 1974 Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing).
We have opted instead to migrate to a segmented LAN--integrating terminals, PCs, and minicomputers, which will all work together.
As the number of transactions on the POS network kept increasing, so did the number of PCs and minicomputers.
Then minicomputers, which provided business with a smaller, more flexible and inexpensive alternative to hulking mainframes, were in their turn displaced by the desktop computers once known as microcomputers.
Owens-Brockway, for instance, has connected Hunkar CIM from two plants to MRP-II systems on IBM AS/400 minicomputers.
The swing appeared to continue, with 23% of the respondents reporting that their organizations were moving from minicomputers to PCs.
From there, it was just a matter of time until room-size mainframes evolved into third-generation minicomputers (beginning with the PDP-8, which sold for about $16,000 but had less computing power than a 21st century calculator).
Gerstner said Internet-related computing is a terrific opportunity for IBM because it does not replace what has happened previously in mainframes, minicomputers or PCs.
It is a unique forms-based workflow solution because it offers organizations the ability to develop and deploy applications that operate across multiple computing environments-- from PCs to minicomputers to mainframes.
Although minicomputers are giving way to personal computers, the minicomputer market is still substantial.
Davidson uses a pair of PDP minicomputers from Digital Equipment Corp.
Neoware's products are designed to run local applications for specific vertical markets, plus allow access across a network to multi-user Windows servers, Linux servers, mainframes, minicomputers, and the Internet.
Computer users are increasingly replacing `proprietary' minicomputers with `open system' workstations and servers, severely limiting opportunities for higher value-added minicomputer memory products," Tarantino said.
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