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small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars


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1 -- color) Off-road fan Freddie Cardenas, 26, has switched to a bicycle as transportation, and his personal watercraft, dirt bikes, miniature motorcycle and truck are staying idle most of the time.
Ten-year-old Dawn Babb (left) and Drake Summers, 7, play on a miniature motorcycle while their siblings try on jackets at West Coast Leathers.
A miniature motorcycle will help a North-East entrepreneur move into the fast lane in the coming year.
Above, even 1-year-old Justin Higginbotham got involved, riding his miniature motorcycle for the event.
Yet Zine all but disappeared Tuesday when he sat on a miniature motorcycle like the ones the city is targeting in a new crusade.
LANCASTER - A 5-year-old girl remains hospitalized after she was hit by a miniature motorcycle racing illegally along a residential street, deputies said Tuesday.
1 -- color) Mechanic Richard Morales tests a miniature motorcycle behind a Canyon Country lawn mower shop that sells them.
Officers responded to calls that three small children, who were not wearing helmets, were racing miniature motorcycles up and down the street.
Parents across South Wales are being warned of the dangers of poor quality miniature motorcycles.
Helmeted, safety-suited 5-year-olds on 50 cc miniature motorcycles scoot around the peewee track while men on 450 cc motocross racers zoom over jumps on the main track.
Miniature motorcycles, all the rage with teenagers and young adults, draw the same response.
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