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(trademark) a pocket-sized stereo system with light weight earphones

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The silver Sony minidisc player was inside a silver case.
30am, half an hour before show-time, that we were informed the backing track for the performance was only available in minidisc format.
For my first radio programme, the result of winning the 2001 Journey of a Lifetime award, I was handed a MiniDisc player and a dynamic, omni-directional microphone.
Apu are so desperate to have the music returned, they are offering anyone who hands them the minidisc player back a private gig in their front room.
Fox, who was trying to interview Richardson at trendy bar Jewel, said: "He bent my hand back while a friend of his went through my pockets to get my MiniDisc.
And when the current flows into an MP3 or MiniDisc player, it's music to your ears.
A recording device (such as a cassette, MiniDisc or DAT).
In this study, we chose two products, the portable MiniDisc player and the MP3 player, to represent the various innovations in the consumer electronics market.
We sent an information pack and a blank minidisc to Kylie's hotel when she stayed in Cardiff to play the CIA,'' said Daniel.
So I thought - having been recently acquainted with the theory of time management - that I should use the time wisely and transfer my chosen albums of the week to minidisc so I could listen to them in the car.
Consumers get the chance to win prizes such as minidisc recorders and Virgin music vouchers.
NEW YORK -- After nearly a decade of false starts, the minidisc format may be ready to grow into a truly mass market alternative to the audiocassette and compact disc.
To meet the demands of the more than 20 million Americans currently downloading music from the Internet, Sony Electronics has launched the first portable MiniDisc player/recorder with Digital PCLink.
1 is compatible with and easily connected to most portable audio devices such as MP3, CD, Minidisc and DVD players; video game consoles; and even camcorders, VCRs and televisions through its standard miniplug input jack.
The advent of the audio minidisc is expected to create an entire new product segment for chain drug retailers (see sidebar).