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(trademark) a pocket-sized stereo system with light weight earphones

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We managed to get hold of three minidisc players, none of which The Vengaboys' sound technician accepted.
Many musicians, journalists and digital music fans rely on the flexibility and durability of the MiniDisc format," said Allan Jason, vice president for portable audio products at Sony Electronics.
The best modern device to use is a MiniDisc recorder.
The MiniDisc (MD) was a compact digital audio disc developed by Sony in 1992 and it made its debut in the market in 1993.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics today announced the availability of its MD Bundle 5, which combines a MiniDisc home recording deck, a portable MD player and recordable MD media -- all packaged at a highly competitive list price of $350.
With most audio product categories registering flat to slightly lower sales in 1997, Sony believes the time is right to rededicate its efforts to MiniDisc.
According to Boire, the MDX-C8900 will deliver a high-performance MiniDisc audio experience for the car audio enthusiast.
Sony believes this -- along with potent price reductions of as much as 64 percent -- could at long last inspire mainstream acceptance of MiniDisc in this country.
Sony pioneered the personal audio and video market with products like the transistor radio, Walkman(R) personal stereo, HandyCam(R) camcorder, Digital Mavica digital still cameras, and MiniDisc," said Mark Viken, senior vice president, Consumer Audio Video Products Group, Sony Electronics.
Sony Electronics has shipped three new MiniDisc products.
personalized MiniDisc by simply recording favorite songs.
LAS VEGAS -- Sony was waving its MiniDisc flag high at CES.
highlighted its MiniDisc products and its second digital Viewcam camcorder during its spring product preview here.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics MiniDisc kicks-off its sponsorship of the Aspen Highlands Rolling Stone Magazine Ski Challenge and Freestyle Competition Series this February and March.
is extending its MiniDisc (MD) promotional relationship with Rolling Stone Magazine by sponsoring the Aspen Highlands Rolling Stone Magazine Ski Challenge and Freestyle skiing competition in March.