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a very short skirt


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Team your knit with a mini-skirt to show off shapely legs.
More importantly, he is believed to have produced an even smaller number of rare studies of girls wearing mini-skirts.
Quant, now 80 and living in Surrey, said she still most liked to see her mini-skirt worn "short and leggy".
He observed that girls were without headscarves, with tight jeans and tops on, and even with mini-skirts on the streets.
But I wanted the mini-skirt because I think it suits Amy's sassy character.
Mind you, I did see an elderly lady in there the other day and I was all ready to whoop and cheer "yey old timer, good on you, over here for the cropped cardies", when I realised she was actually with her teenage granddaughter buying her a cropped denim mini-skirt.
Pictures: JOHN GLADWIN; MAKE-UP: The tattooed ex-lorry driver dons mini-skirt in his Lady Una role; MACHO: Brian dresses in normal fellas' clobber for some learner students
Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and she wore a dark mini-skirt and top.
I'd love to be able to wear a mini-skirt - I haven't been able to wear one for years, and they're all in the shops again now.
Jamelia turned up at the National Music Awards in a tiny red tartan skirt, and Mariah wore a tartan mini-skirt at her recent Charmbracelet tour.
Heads turned and jaws dropped when the mini-skirt burst on to the fashion scene in the mid-1960s, and within a year anyone who had legs worth flaunting was wearing one.
Mini-skirt, pounds 95; belt, pounds 12; crossover print top with black edging, pounds 66, all from Urban Outfitters; khaki fishnet fingerless gloves, pounds 8, from Morgan
and it also turned out to be her biggest--later parts involved dressing as a female Bigfoot and riding horseback in a mini-skirt.
There have been all kinds of wild predictors of the stock market from mini-skirt hemlines to who wins the Super Bowl.
8 ( ANI ): The world's first convertible travel outfit allows women to unzip parts of a warm hooded jacket and remove them, to turn it into a strapless dress or mini-skirt ready for arrival in sunnier climes.