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a mercantile establishment consisting of a row of various stores and business and restaurants along a road or busy street

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Once we thought that the children had a good understanding of coins and their values, we began to design the mini-mall.
com has created special Mini-Malls that bring fashion hot spots Rodeo Drive and 5(th) and Madison directly to consumers across the country.
Masa sits in a cramped mini-mall at Oxnard Street on the northeast corner of the intersection which, incidentally, also houses a popular little Middle Eastern eatery called Skaf's Grill.
Lisa Lapinski typifies this hyper-cryptic assemblagist sensibility in a piece that blends, to delirious effect, passages of absurdist mini-mall architecture with the panoply of exotic, obscure products that might be found within.
The properties include a highly desirable East Hampton, NY, residential compound; a 532-acre Hudson River Rhinebeck landsite; a mini-mall situated in the commercial center of Red Bank, NJ; and two Bridgeport, CT, office buildings.
STUDIO CITY - A non-injury fire broke out Tuesday at a Fatburger restaurant at a Studio City mini-mall, causing $300,000 in damage, a fire official said.
In addition to the new Casino Resort Hotel the Morongo Band of Mission Indians has diversified their economy to currently include: Casino Morongo, the tribe's 100,000 square foot existing casino; Hadley Fruit Orchards; The Morongo Travel Center, a large service station and mini-mall serving travelers; A&W Root Beer Restaurant; Coco's Restaurant; and a Partnership with Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water to operate a bottling facility on Morongo reservation land.
But others say the Valley already has become urbanized and the busway is a first step toward giving order to sprawling, mini-mall landscape by starting to build mass transit alternatives to freeway gridlock.
Originally built in 1976 as an enclosed mini-mall, Crystal Point Center was redeveloped in 1998 to take advantage of the center's prominent location in a retail trade area that includes such major retailers as Sam's Club, Kohl's, Target, Home Depot, Menards and Wal-Mart.
That's because a few steps away from its front door is another sushi spot, right in the same mini-mall, established and quite popular, called Asanebo.
MasterCard will also sponsor a special mini-mall within the NetEase Mall so that its authorized MasterCard merchants will be able to offer their products and services online.
Located in a mini-mall parking lot, the area surrounding the site smells of urine and used condoms can be found along the streets.
The 177,000 square foot mini-mall is in the process of being "demalled" and transformed into an attractive, modern convenience center in an ambitious, multi-million dollar reconstruction project.
With food it describes as ``Japanese quick-casual cuisine,'' this tiny storefront cafe sits in a mini-mall that sits right-angled to Reseda Boulevard.
on July 21, 1995 and has more recently acquired the recreational mini-mall assets of Valiant Mall Properties.