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Synonyms for ossification

the developmental process of bone formation

the calcification of soft tissue into a bonelike material

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the process of becoming rigidly fixed in a conventional pattern of thought or behavior

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hardened conventionality

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Inozyme Pharma is a biotechnology company focused on developing novel medicines for the treatment of rare diseases characterized by mineral imbalances, which lead to over calcification of soft tissues and under mineralization of bone.
However, its major role is to increase the flow of calcium into the bloodstream by promoting absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the intestines, and reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys; it enables normal mineralization of bone and prevents hypocalcemic tetany.
A number of studies have shown that the presence of maternal diabetes can influence the developing teeth and bones of the embryo or premature children with reduced mineralization of bone found to be more common in the children of diabetic mothers compared to controls [Grahnen et al.
One important question is whether the continued and potent inhibition of bone turnover could be harmful because of the increased mineralization of bone that has been observed in animal models.
And the fifth was Opn, which transcribes osteopontin, a protein involved in the mineralization of bone and a component of human atherosclerotic plaques.
Whether or not increasing bone mineral density from 2% to 7% leads to a further reduction in fracture is not established at the present time, and I think it probably will be another 3 years before we can answer that question," Dr Gallagher observed, However, he said, we do know that the major effects of these drugs are that they stop resorption activity immediately, they heal microfractures, and they improve the mineralization of bone.
One previously proposed function for ALP is that ALP is necessary for the initiation of mineralization but not for the continuation of mineralization of bone nodules in vitro (45, 46).