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MindGuard reports queried search results back to company executives so that they can review and remediate those results as necessary.
Coming to an agreement with Unisys was a collaborative process says Rick Puckette, CEO, Mindbridge, "We began testing MindGuard at Unisys early on in our development cycle because we wanted to gain their perspectives on data, process and resourcing.
MindGuard provides the same service support as 10 or more FTE staff members (without the human error factor).
The revolutionary device, developed by MindGuard Medical Devices Ltd, is designed to guard against stroke by diverting blood clots -- also called emboli -- that travel through the blood stream and can occlude vessels in the brain, preventing adequate blood flow and causing a condition known as ischemic stroke.
of Cardiology and Interventional Radiology and a member in the Medical board of MindGuard, who presented the Diverter System last month during the PCR meeting in Paris.
By the end of 2002, MindGuard plans to launch a clinical trial in Europe that will evaluate the short- and long-term safety and performance of the Diverter(TM) System.
Hurvitz accepted the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at MindGuard.
As MindGuard progresses with its clinical plan (3 human implantations of the Diverter performed so far), we are confident that Mr.
Alon Lumbroso, the CEO of MindGuard said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Gal for his tremendous contribution to MindGuard in his 2-year tenure as Active Chairman of the Board of Directors, during which he led the company into a strategic joint venture with Medtronic Inc.
Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer at MindGuard, added: "This first implantation marks a significant milestone for MindGuard towards extensive clinical trials, which will lead to full commercialization of our Diverter(TM) product.
In addition to the above investment, Mindguard has also signed an agreement with Medtronic with respect to the distribution of Mindguard's first product, the Diverter(TM) system, in Europe and other CE-Mark jurisdictions.
Ofer Yodfat, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Mindguard.
David Gal, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mindguard, added: "The completion of this financing round and the distribution agreement with Medtronic are both important milestones in Mindguard's short history.
NYSE:MDT) today announced it has completed an equity investment in MindGuard Ltd.
MindGuard, based in Caesarea, Israel, has developed The Diverter(TM) System, an implantable system intended to be deployed in the carotid arterial bifurcation - the main bifurcation point for blood flow to the brain from the heart.