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decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)

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Gal served as the active Chairman of the Board of MindGuard Medical Technologies Ltd.
MCS (Medical Compression Systems) - MDG Medical - Medcon - Medibell - Medic Touch - MEDICAL QUANT - MediGuide - Medigus - Medinol - Medisim - Medispec - Meditrac - Medoc - Medson - Medvision ltd - Mel - Metacure - MindGuard - Mirabel Medical Systems - Miras - MSq - MTRE - NaviCath - Neatstitch ltd - Neovasc - Ness - NeuroSonix - Neurotrax - Nexense - Nexsig - Nicast - NiTi - NotalVision - Nulens - NVR - Odin Medical Technologies - OphthoCare - Optical Imaging - Optonol - OptoTech - Oridion Systems - OrNim - OrSense - Orthogon Technologies - Orthomechanics ltd - Orthoscan - Ovalum - Paieon Medical - Prisma Medical - Q-Core - Qscent - Quicare - Radiancy - Rafael Medical Technologies Inc.
Lundbeck Helicon Therapeutics Hormos Medical Hunter-Fleming Hydra Biosciences Hypnion Icagen Ideon Corporation IIP-Technologies Imagine NeuroSolutions Imagine Pharmaceuticals Immusol Indevus Pharmaceuticals Ingenium Pharmaceuticals Innercool Therapies Inotek Pharmaceuticals Ionix Pharmaceuticals Integra Janssen-Cilag Jazz Pharmaceuticals Johnson & Johnson Juvantia Pharma Kadmus Pharmaceuticals KAI Pharmaceuticals Kaleidos Pharma Kosei LA MONT Medical Leptos Lexicon Genetics Lexicor Medical Technology MAP Medical Marinus Pharmaceuticals MED-EL Medimod Research Institute MediVance MedPointe Pharmaceuticals Medtronic Memory Pharmaceuticals Merck Metaphore Pharmaceuticals Micro Therapeutics MicroCHIPS MicroStrain MicroVention Micrus Migenix MIICRO MindGuard, Ltd.
Hurvitz accepted the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at MindGuard.
Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer at MindGuard, added: "This first implantation marks a significant milestone for MindGuard towards extensive clinical trials, which will lead to full commercialization of our Diverter(TM) product.
In addition to the above investment, Mindguard has also signed an agreement with Medtronic with respect to the distribution of Mindguard's first product, the Diverter(TM) system, in Europe and other CE-Mark jurisdictions.
Just as bodyguards protect against physical threats, mindguards are said to act as guardians of the group's collective conscience.