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Making mince pies for Santa on Christmas Eve has been a tradition in my house since my daughter was old enough to hold a spoon.
NAUGHTY | MINCE pies - raisins, currants and sultanas can be fatal to dogs.
IRRESISTIBLE ALL BUTTER MINCE PIE SHORTBREAD ROUNDS PS3, Co-op YOU don't have to be a mince pie fan to love these biscuits which are thick and chunky with an amazing spiced smell and flavour.
It is just mince pies placed in the deep fat fryer for 60 seconds, emerging with a crusty coat of batter.
It makes mince pies special, instead of mere Eccles cakes with airs and graces.
All Butter Pastry Mince Pies (6), PS2 or two for PS3, Tesco The pack boasts that they have Courvoisier Cognac but the chef must have missed this batch when it came to a splash of brandy.
Prices depend on the choice of foods and drink you go for, but you can choose from jams, chutneys and ketchups made using produce from Auckland Castle's kitchen garden as well as homemade biscuits, crackers, mince pies, cakes and fudge.
AS Christmas approaches the season for mulled wine and mince pies draws close.
1 THE first mince pies actually used to contain minced meat.
And among the many things that I do (did) not know is that mince pies do not have mince in them but little bits of sticky fruit.
Sainsbury's shoppers have shunned mince pies because of the unseasonal warm weather.
Mince pies, so simple in concept, are so easy to get wrong.
Whether you like them warm with brandy butter or covered in custard, the Weekend food team has put gourmet mince pies to the test to see if they really are as good as grandmother used to make