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beef that has been ground

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48 1,290 3 (few) (FES) (1) Experimental mince meat from FES tagged onto conventional commercial production for comparison.
Apart from the mince meat pie recipe, Mary has others for plumb [sic] cake - the forerunner of our Christmas cake - and turkey and trifle also get a mention.
Jam and mince meat were later added to the range, and it has had a Royal Warrant since 1933.
Which H is made from mince meat and eaten on a bun?
It looks a bit like a plate of mince meat - it certainly isn't my photograph.
There is no scrimping on the mince meat either, so every bite has a very juicy mince taste.
It also offers korma, curry, madras, vindaloo, rogan, bhuna, dansak, pathia, dupiaza, kashmiri, malaya or chilli baltis with chicken, meat, mince meat or prawn for pounds 3.
The Keema and Peas Bhuna is a mild and creamy dish with garlic, tomato puri, onions, mixed powder, fresh tomatoes, coriander, ginger, bay leaves, dal chini, cardamom seeds and hint of single cream, with mince meat and peas.
I'VE BEEN TO LOTS OF PLACES and tried many languages--making mince meat of Spanish, French, Japanese and all others in between.
A UK first within the retail meat industry has been the installation of the LR-80T loading RTPs with vacuum formed packs of mince meat at over 120 p/min.
I expected the mad chef to make mince meat of the poor girl who presumed to ask for his help in preparing a dinner party.
Then there's nothing more enjoyable than a Christmas mince meat pie - and it's FREE only with TODAY'S Daily Record
VIE on Wednesday announced a holiday line-up of video game and computer game titles that will make mince meat out of the end-of-year competition.
The mince meat was lovely and sweet and had a good combination of flavours.
We start frying our mince meat with onions, peeled tomatoes, parsley, salt, pepper and cinnamon with white wine until the meat is browned and cooked.