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any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

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Linguist Nicholas Bodman (1981) claims that the Nam Long speech was derived from a northeastern Min dialect spoken in the Fuzhou region.
Yuen Hung Fai (1983) has traced the Ming subdialect, presently spoken by native Nam Long inhabitants, back to the Eastern Min dialect as it prevailed in Putian during the late Southern Song.
Although both Nam Long and Loong Doo may have stemmed from a northeastern Min dialect, Soren Egerod (1979) has noted that the two subdialects "belong to different Fujian strains and have quite a different history" in respect to their subsequent development.
A Sketch of Two Min Dialects of Zhongshan Xian and the Influence of Cantonese on Their Lexicon and Phonology.
Li Rulong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a Min dialect specialist long resident in Foochow, has informed me (p.
However, although the Min contrast may perhaps be the relic of an earlier morphological process, that process is certainly no longer active in attested Min dialects.
Apart from the Longyan forms cited above, there are fewer examples attested in Min dialects other than the Minnan of the Amoy area.
Outside of mainstream Minnan, the Min dialects are, regrettably, not documented with anything like the thoroughness of the traditional missionary materials.