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(Norse mythology) giant who lives in the roots of Yggdrasil and guards the well of wisdom

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31) Larrington adds: "From the connection between Mimir and Yggdrasil noted in the Seeress's Prophesy [Voluspa] it is possible that Hoddmimir [Rememberer of the Treasure/ Place] is another name for Mimir [Rememberer], and that the two survivors hide in Yggdrasil" (269n47).
Poisoned weapons, however, are a common occurrence in the sagas of the Icelanders and decapitation is much better attested in Germanic heroic and mythological poetry than the author acknowledges (compare the story of Weland the smith, the beheading of Mimir, Hagen beheading the ferryman in the Nibelungenlied, and many others).
En su base hay tres ruedas: Urbarbrunnr (la rueda del destino), desde la cual el arbol es regado por los Norns; Hvergelmir (la caldera hirviente), en la que habita Nighogg, el monstruo que corroe la raiz del arbol; y Mimisbrunnr (la rueda de Mimir, la meditacion, el recuerdo), fuente de la sabiduria, en cuyas aguas Odin sacrifico su ojo, a cambio de un sorbo que le daria conocimiento.
Some spirits were very bad: Murdeth, the realestate developer (Peter Ens), Mimir, the eye who sees all (Roy Braun).
Mimir era el guardian de un manantial subterraneo que llevaba su nombre .