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Merrill, of course, is most favorably disposed to the spirits of The Enlightenment--John Milton, John Locke, Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire and John Stuart Mill.
Sunstein contrasts his New Deal/Madisonian model of "deliberative democracy" (which is similar to Powe's Right to Know model) with the "marketplace of ideas" model articulated by many people over the centuries, including John Milton, John Stuart Mill, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
The rare editions featured in the Foundations of Freedom include works by John Milton, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln and others.
Following two conceptual chapters on the cultural and theological implications of the loss of the Real Presence, the substance of the book consists of close readings of work by four Early Modern writers: William Shakespeare, John Milton, John Donne, and George Herbert.