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Synonyms for Milquetoast

a person who behaves in a childish, weak, or spoiled way

Synonyms for Milquetoast

a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

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This article has been critical of milquetoast disclosures that speak so broadly of cyber-attacks so as to lose any real value.
Aim for the milquetoast or beige: Excise anything unusual or snarky from the spelling, grammar, and layout of your legal writing.
It could be a muscle man, a fat lady, or a mild-mannered milquetoast, but whatever form it takes is intended to provide a protective bodyguard for the traumatized and overwhelmed person to hide behind.
I don't want to wade into national politics with a milquetoast substitute for Ron.
He is not your milquetoast metrosexual talking point Surrogate.
Luckily, the nor'easter downed some more trees but was milquetoast compared to Sandy.
Basketball's cowardice here reminds us of a similarly milquetoast decision by Major League Baseball in 2004.
In those movies the seeming milquetoast that Helms plays has variously pulled his own tooth, sung a lullaby to a tiger stolen from Mike Tyson's menagerie and gotten a tattoo that covers half his face, while the films have sold more than $1 billion in tickets worldwide.
In the process, during this interim period, the new executive also has to be deferential to the CEO all while not being seen as a milquetoast.
Summary: The Arab League has shed its milquetoast image in recent months, first approving Western intervention in Libya and, this week, suspending Syria from its ranks.
Malcolm III Canmore (Gaelic-Chean mohr or big head) was in life a man far removed from Shakespeare's gallant, but rather milquetoast, young prince, who, with some English help, had defeated King Macbeth in 1057.
SNL's "The Twilight Zone" skit represents the typical intellectual treatment of 1950s domestic sitcoms as interchangeable, milquetoast fantasias of conservative social norms (Halberstam 583; Donaldson 131-2; Himmelstein 88; Newcomb 121; Lears 1420; Denis and Denis 48; Marc 140; Jezer 196).
Setting the tone for her milquetoast brand of constitutionalism, the Congresswoman described an Oval Office meeting with President Obama wherein the President said that the key to helping our elderly is adherence to the mandates of ObamaCare.