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Synonyms for Milquetoast

a person who behaves in a childish, weak, or spoiled way

Synonyms for Milquetoast

a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

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Broadway-Willamette Plaza - a true milquetoast solution - should be renamed Ken Kesey Square.
Basketball's cowardice here reminds us of a similarly milquetoast decision by Major League Baseball in 2004.
Here, as elsewhere, I depict Madison as more or less the bookish, philosophical milquetoast that Wilson makes him.
Even at its most oblique, however, it holds onto its audience through Jones, ideally cast as a shy, unworldly milquetoast who remains vulnerable even as he becomes increasingly unknowable.
In the process, during this interim period, the new executive also has to be deferential to the CEO all while not being seen as a milquetoast.
Summary: The Arab League has shed its milquetoast image in recent months, first approving Western intervention in Libya and, this week, suspending Syria from its ranks.
Is your business milquetoast or does it market an opinion?
We aren't always great fans of the kind of milquetoast portfolios that are created to engage first ladies on behalf of the nation, but hopefully this fruits-and-vegetables brief will be different.
He called Atleo a milquetoast, a weak and timid leader who accomplished nothing "to build bridges, open communication or lend credence to Native issues.
Referring to the method style of acting as promoting an American view of identity politics and sense of selfhood, Patton writes, "This milquetoast humanism promotes tolerance, but understands tolerance to be the property of white, Christian males who use it to reestablish their position as the Universal from which are distinguished the particulars who need to be tolerated (Blacks, Jews, eventually women, other ethnic groups, the aged and disabled, and, arguably, gays and lesbians)" (3).
So, the reporter turns out to be both a grenade in need of a pin, who thinks nothing of unethical behavior, but also something of a milquetoast, as well.
If there were a vibrant Left in the United States, Michael Moore's milquetoast liberalism would be laughed at, not laughed with.
htm reminds us a) why architectural criticism, mostly beholden to architects and their right not to supply images, can be such milquetoast stuff and b) how the faceless men in wigs never sleep.
Cooney is now infamous for dramatically altering a key report on global warming issued by the Climate Change Science Program, turning the report's dire warnings into milquetoast precautions.
I fear we've been mocking God for some time now, and not just with our milquetoast "Prayer for Vocations.