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belief in the Christian doctrine of the millennium mentioned in the Book of Revelations

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This concluding chapter is more of a current state of the utopian where Jacoby assesses contemporary movements such as Toffler Futurism and Millennarianism that ultimately fall outside of the boundaries of real utopian thinking for the "thinness of [their] vision" (161).
Cole, "Iranian Millennarianism and Democratic Thought in the 19th Century," International Journal of Middle East Studies 24 (1992): 5.
But so much, too, for the daughter-mythologies now so popular among American academics and inclining, like their original, to a dangerous sort of millennarianism, an illusion that "true democracy lay ahead, not here and now.
Stella regards neither the Company nor organized religion as an "old boys" club, nor is her millennarianism a serious critique of Australian rule or of the culture of late-twentieth-century multinational capitalism.
For others, this outbreak of marketing millennarianism is a sure sign of the ultimate failure of the post-positivist "revolution", which was precipitated ten years ago by Belk, Holbrook, Hirschman and their manifold followers.
Millennarianism, he observed, is a response not only to the promise but to the terror of American life.
Distinctions can made between the hopes of Messianism (directed towards a salvatory or vindicating figure or philosophy), millennarianism (directed towards the prophesied 1,000 year Kingdom of Christ), and apocalypticism (directed towards the cataclysmic intervention of God in history).