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belief in the Christian doctrine of the millennium mentioned in the Book of Revelations

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Revolutionary forces, after the great expectations and momentous events of the 1870s and early 1880s, were regrouping themselves, considering new avenues of activity, and facing a challenge from sections of the intelligentsia that nourished less millennarian ambitions and advocated palliative activity within the law.
Kneen explores the idea that the transnational biotech companies have millennarian pretensions of bringing about an earthly paradise, free from disease and want.
No orthodoxies are safe in this film, be they sacred, secular or millennarian.
Modernity and the Millennium is the first book to chart responses in the Muslim Middle East to modernity, through an examination of the evolution of the Baha'i faith -- a millennarian movement led by the 19th century Iranian prophet Baha'u'llah ("the Glory of God").
Movie studios also revealed precious few millennarian plans.
On the contrary, the extensive history of millennarian movements reveals that they were invariably promulgated, propagated and perpetuated by individuals - e.
You Can't Run Away from Yourself: Millennarian Fantasie
Karamustafa rightly criticizes the conventional equation of what he calls "deviant dervishes" with "popular religion," a diffuse and unexamined category which is often used to cover both the millennarian movements of post-Mongol Anatolia and Iran and the anarchic individualists with whom he is concerned (p.
The bianchi were indeed an essentially conservative peace movement, but his treatment of origin myths tends to marginalize the disciplinary and millennarian strains that were also present.
Religious activists who embrace traditions such as millennarian Christianity and Shi'ite Islam, which have a strong sense of the historical fulfillment of prophecy, look towards a religious apocalypse that will usher in a new age.
Still, despite the overheated atmosphere that will no doubt excite even more utopian fantasies and millennarian scenarios before 2000 A.
It is possible to reconcile Lactantius' millennarian outline of the development of world history given in Inst.
In addition to her insights into the thought of these three men, Marion Kuntz also offers us some new information, gathered in Venetian archives and libraries, on several interesting issues: daily life in Venetian prisons, the role of women in charitable institutions and in spiritual movements, Jewish influences on sixteenth-century millennarian expectations, and heretical networks in Venice with their connections to political interests.
The Baha'i Faith originated in a Shi'ih millennarian movement founded by Mirza `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, "the Bab, "in Iran in 1844.
He even went back to Cromwell and the English Civil War to argue that the fact that "successive waves of Millennarians, Anabaptists, Seekers, Ranters, and Quakers [who] assailed the established order and its clergy, preached a religion of the poor, argued for intuition and inspiration as against learning and doctrine" left a deep mark on the fledgling American nation.