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Synonyms for Astragalus

large genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of north temperate regions

the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint

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The Center mounted a challenge, arguing that 1) the plain language of the ESA required the FWS BiOps to contain ITSs for threatened plants like the milkvetch, rather than for just fish and wildlife; and 2) BLM failed to comply with the CAA, FLPMA, NEPA, and the APA because its emissions analysis evaluating the impacts of the 2013 RAMP on air quality was inadequate and thus arbitrary and capricious.
NBR-1 Germplasm Basalt Milkvetch and Don falcate alfalfa are two legumes that have been developed to revegetate western rangelands.
It is a member of the Fabaceae family and is commonly known as prairie groundplum or milkvetch (USDA 2007).
Forage legumes: Clovers, birdsfoot trefoil, cicer milkvetch, crownvetch and alfalfa (2nd ed.
As the season moves on we might harvest perennial bunching onions, garlic chives, violets (both flowers and leaves are edible), and sorrel; medicinal perennials such as Chinese milkvetch (Astragalus membranaceus, one of the most important Chinese medicinal herbs), feverfew, lamb's ear, and yarrow; culinary herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, catnip, and anise hyssop; and small fruits like bramble berries, cranberry, lingonberry, and wintergreen.
In the example of selenium bioaccumulation in Astragalus racemosus (common name: cream milkvetch, a member of the pea family), source apportionment is unambiguous because of the presence of a known bedrock source (Cretaceous shale; Fig.
Tennessee milkvetch (Astragalus tennesseensis--extirpated), a species of the glades and barrens in Tennessee and Alabama with disjunct occurrences in Illinois and Indiana, was collected at only one site in the state, near Lafayette (Stuart 1902).
Other species range from the Lane Mountain milkvetch, a small flower found on Fort Irwin, Calif.
The Bureau of Land Management has estimated, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, that it will spend $850,000 this year walking its employees around for 1,700 miles to count little plants called Pierson's milkvetch.
Among the rare plants that call the dunes home are purple milkvetch and northern march orchid, and several important species of butterfly and moth also live in the dunes.
Listed species addressed in the recovery plan include an endangered plant, the Amargosa niterwort (Nitrophila mohavensis); six threatened plants, the spring-loving centaury (Centaurium namophilum), Ash Meadows ivesia (Ivesia eremica), Ash Meadows blazing star (Mentzelia leucophylla), Ash Meadows milkvetch (Astragalus phoenix), Ash Meadows sunray (Enceliopsis nudicaulis var.
Lazar wants a supplemental environmental impact report done on the project to address ``significant changes'' that have occurred since the original 1994 report, such as the discovery of the federally endangered Braunton's milkvetch.
curtipendula); 5% shrubs, mostly Louisiana sagebrush (Artemesia ludoviciana), milkvetch (Astragalus crassicarpus), and other sages (Artemesia sp.